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DateLine Wednesday, 17 October 2007

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Killers cheating gallows

In ancient times different forms of capital punishment were implemented for various criminal activities.

They were by hanging, stoning, throwing into a pit containing of ferocious lions for murders committed.

Dissenters were often burnt or torn into two pieces. Doomed prisoners were sometimes tied to four horses which were driven apart, wrenching the prisoner's body in the process. For treason, it was hanging and then beheading the body and then there was the direct guillotine method too.

Those merciless punishments were inflicted for committing crimes, involvement in insurgencies and acts of treason not only to agonise them but also for others to realise their gravity.

We hear of criminal activities daily, sometimes the whole family being killed simultaneously, murdering of females of whatever ages after being raped and slaying of victims of abduction, if kidnappers are unsuccessful in getting a ransom.

In some instances, the killers are unknown or abscond and the suspects arrested spend a few years in prison protection. Among them some live in comfortable buildings bastions for themselves with the connivance of some prison officials.

While the family members and the near and dear ones of the victims lead a sorrowful life, specially in a family where the breadwinner's life was plundered or of a blooming flower's life that was crushed by a rapist.

Therefore, the Government should implement the Capital punishment to those who annihilate the lives of others without pardoning or showing them no clemency at all.

Carnage and all sorts of bloodshed could be witnessed daily in our land which had some sanctity in the past.

Hitherto, men of letters have expressed their opinion through the columns of newspapers encouraging the Government to impose the death sentence due to escalation of criminal activities.

Nazly Cassim,
Colombo 13

Labour Department needs to be streamlined

Recently I visited the Labour Commissioner's office in Narahenpitiya. Most of the visitors to this place are people over 55 years to get their EPF or the poor dependents of EPF contributors.

The entrance itself is so crowded and people have to handover their mobiles to the security guard. I don't see the logic of not allowing mobiles inside. You can request the people to keep the mobiles switched off or in silent mode. But what harm if they take the phone in.

In more security alert places such as Bank of Ceylon Head Office mobilies are allowed after checking. Sometimes some departmental heads do things for the sake of doing.

The lifts are out of order most of the time and in my own eyes I saw some old people climbing the stairs for six floors panting. Coming down you rarely get the chance of coming in the lift and you have to climb down. Very few chairs are there and most have to keep on standing for hours.

Particularly, where the elderly have to come why can't our planners think of buildings with lesser number of floors? Another area of concern is the attitude of the officers working there. They care less for those who come to meet them.

Their attitude is that of people coming to them begging for money. They must be made to realise that most of the visitors come to collect their hard earned money which has been deposited with them.

It will be nicer for the Commissioner himself to look into some of these harassment the people undergo for himself and to do some training for his staff to change their attitudes. Another weakness I noted was that you have to handover the National Identity Card to the security and carry a visitor's pass.

Easily any one can impersonate another person at an inquiry as the Inquiring Officer does not have any way of verifying the identity of the person who is appearing. Some method needs to be developed in this area.

Why can't they send the person with the NIC after verifying the identity of the person who is entering?

I sincerely believe two days of personal involvement of the Commissioner and his able deputies will make a world of a difference at this place.

One example he could draw on is the Passport Department. What a change it has been.

No wonder this department was declared the best public department.

KF, Moratuwa

Misuse of Parliamentary privileges

We are a democratic country and human rights are highly valued. But can anyone threaten the public openly, that he will use his gun provided by the State to threaten anyone who crosses his path or can anyone brandish a gun against a rival?

Can they use Parliamentary privileges outside the House and in public? If a normal citizen enacts an identical episode will he/she go scot free?

Sunil Thilakaratne,


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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