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DateLine Wednesday, 10 October 2007

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Earthquakes and tsunamis- man made?

Being a layman, I do not look at things the way the scientists do. I do not even understand the language the scientists speak to explain things. I admire at time the way they justify their actions. They do counter the other scientists in the same language when they disagree with their counterparts. I only admire them not really understanding what they are talking.

My inner self irks me always whenever news of earthquake or tsunami is reported. Why does it touch my inner self so intensely? I find it difficult to get it out of my mind. It may be because I was born the year the bomb was dropped on Japan.

The bombs and the testing interest me. The underground testing; the underwater testing from the atolls, testing from small islands - all these have been in the news for years. The news relating to the protests organised by the Green Peace against the French and the Americans; and their boats forcefully being evacuated from the test sites flashes back in my mind still.

The atomic bombs are capable of destroying the planet Earth altogether. The outcomes of the tests conducted underground or under water proves this, say the scientists. The tests carried out underground; perhaps several kilometres below the surface may not release the radiations or expose the cracks immediately.

Is it end there all together? This is the nucleolus of my worry. What happens to the huge energy released by the 'Test Bomb'? I am increasingly beginning to suspect whether the test bombs make the crakes on the 'Plates'.

If so, and at some point of time at later dates the crakes suddenly erupt into earthquakes 20, 15 or 10 kilo meters below the surface. The tsunami follows or not follows the earthquakes depending on the force of the eruption.

We have witnessed in these days that the Indians and Pakistanis are trying to show us who is smarter than the other. Testing the bombs or blasting the Plates somewhere within their territory only though it could have released huge energy into the Indian Ocean via the Plates.

The Diego Garcia Islands housing the American base could have witnessed several tests. Poor Indonesia and its islands happen to be there at the receiving end, my inner mind tells me.

The 2004 tsunami we experienced and the several earthquakes the regions experienced subsequently up to recent tsunami alert and those quakes we are going to experience in the future could have some link. My inner self, notwithstanding the scientific explanations given by the scientists repeatedly comes to the same conclusion they are linked to the one source - the testing of atomic bombs.

G.V. Gnanasooriyam,
Mt. Lavinia

Bouquet to Police staff at BMICH

Every year in September I have been a visitor to the International Book Exhibition at BMICH - Colombo 07. This exhibition is annually sponsored by the Book Publishers' Association of Sri Lanka. On September 10, this year, I had the privilege to visit this exhibition.

As a retired teacher this exhibition to me is so fascinating and exhilarating, that I lost myself in the concourse of an unprecedented large gathering among those who were eagerly selecting books to suit their needs.

Nevertheless, the books of my choice in English were either rare or not brought by the publishers. I did not feel the time spent and finally going down for a brunch and a hot cup of coffee I met with a small accident by striking my forehead against the counter while lowering my head to pick up the satchet of books I had purchased.

The aluminium railing at the front edge of this counter was sharp enough to have a severe cut on my forehead and with nonstop bleeding a good samaritarian, namely an old boy of Nalanda College came to my rescue and later another person joined hands to direct me to the first aid unit.

By then the officers of the Police Post at the BMICH were active, becuase I had come alone and was in an utterly desperate condition. Imminent action was taken as further medical attention was needed.

The officer in charge commanded two police constables to direct me to the closest surgical unit available. I was put in a police van and was taken to the Borella Private Hospital. The doctor assisted by the nursing staff attended on me in no time.

After two stiches and a dressing on the wound I thanked all of them and bid good bye. Had not for the timely action taken by the police, my life would have not been saved due to excessive bleeding.

Finally, I could mention that the recent International Book Exhibition has carved a niche on my forehead to construe the Bandaranaike ideal - the concept that 'Man should help man' also convincing the fact at this tender age of 80 years, 'Books are more closer to me than my friends and relatives.'



Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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