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DateLine Thursday, 12 July 2007

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Western diplomats’ double standards

I commend A.A.M. Nizam’s open letter to the British High Commissioner appearing in the DN of June 29.

I am very glad that Sri Lankans of different communities have seen fit to expose the double standards of the Western diplomatic community in Sri Lanka, bashing the Sri Lankan Government and mollycoddling the LTTE terrorists. Even for them to call them ‘terrorists’, they seem to be very embarrassed to hurt the feelings of the LTTE.

Not two days after the new British PM took office, the terrorists in the UK gave a very clear message to the British people. What does the new PM say: “Our first obligation is the security of our people”.

This goes for Sri Lanka and every other country bedeviled by terrorism. We now hear that raids are being conducted countrywide to apprehend ‘suspects’.

We can be sure that most of these ‘suspects’ will be Asians and Muslims. Does it sound like ‘ethnic cleansing’?

Our government was accused of this by the enlightened Western countries and dollar gobbling INGOs and NGOs.

The first country to voice support and concern for England was none other than George Bush and the US Government. Predictable. When innocent children and civilians are killed in Sri Lanka, no one raises a voice internationally, except to bracket the legitimate and democratically elected government of Sri Lanka with the blood thirsty LTTE terrorists.

Look what America is doing in Afghanistan: within a matter of days they have bombed children and killed dozens of civilians. They have the most sophisticated weaponry and technical know how to pin point attacks. When the SLAF bombs terrorist hideouts, Western countries talk of IDPs.

What about the IDP’s in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq?

Recently, the Al-Jazeera interviewed an American interrogator about methods adopted in Iraq by the US Forces. There was no abiding by the Geneva Convention. This was subsequently confirmed by an American General.

The CIA plans the assassination of leaders who are not to the liking of America. Vietnamese children and adults are still suffering from the effects of Agent Orange dropped on innocent Vietnamese civilians. Wire tapping, opening of personal mail, injecting drugs for testing on people without their knowledge. All this, the US Government did against their own people.

We would like to ask the ever smiling American Ambassador in Sri Lanka to give us some tips on interrogation.

Can you arrange for a ‘regime change’ in the Vanni, then all our terrorist problems will be over.

Has any of our peace loving INGOs and NGOs and media personnel ever used some of the money they get from foreign donors and gone to a foreign country and joined with the diaspora who demonstrate against the LTTE. Oh No! Their bread basket will be affected and perhaps no more invitations to diplomatic parties.

Let the Western enlightened, First World and civilised diplomats and their citizens caution the British and the US Governments not to violate individual liberties, not to raid people’s homes in the wee hours of the morning and drag them to detention centres. Let’s hope the British Police in their enthusiasm do not shoot some innocent person in the head, in the guise of arresting a terrorist suspect. After all, these are not done, in civilised societies.

Let England, the US and others who lecture us, join hands with the Sri Lankans to eliminate the scourge of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

At least this will be a small start and will show us in Sri Lanka that these people are at least now removing their blinkers and showing they have some guts, albeit late, to eliminate the terrorists in Sri Lanka.

We say to the defence establishment of Sri Lanka: Go ahead and decimate the terrorists, so that innocent Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims can once again live in peace and harmony and we can make Sri Lanka a prosperous country. England, we sympathise with you and share your shock and grief. Spare a thought for Sri Lanka too.

Colombo 8

Biased commentator?

The CR&FC vs Kandy Sports Club rugby encounter was the most fancied and looked forward to game this season, as both teams were unbeaten.

The match was telecast on channel eye, which gave an opportunity for all rugby fans in the island to witness this game.

The foreign referee controlled the game excellently and he should be commended for the excellent job.

There was a commentator who was feeling very jittery when the heat was against the CR&FC, because from certain comments he made, I felt he had goose flesh. He mentioned that the crowds in Colombo were well behaved unlike the Kandy crowds, even when the game was totally against the Colombo club.

He even made comments against certain decisions made by the referee and in fact I who was listening to him felt he shouldn’t have taken up commentary because he would have been a very good astrologer.

I personally felt he had missed the train and bus as the main reason for Kandy’s great victory was due to the superb refereeing. The crowd normally gets antagonised when there are too many bad decisions made by the referee which makes the game go out of control.

This commentator should stomach what he sees, because seeing is believing and in future I advise this gentlemen to have a good parcel of rice which has been packed in a banana leaf for lunch, before he commences his commentary in the future.



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