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DateLine Monday, 2 July 2007

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Lamp of love in people’s hearts

In appreciation of Swami Atmaghanananda’s service as ‘Vice-President of Ramakrishna Mission, Ceylon Branch’. He has been transferred to India and taken up his new position as ‘Secretary. Vivekananda University College, Chennai.

On April 22nd students, teachers and parents gave a fond farewell to the outgoing Swamiji of the Ramakrishna Mission, Colombo.

After completing a long 16 years of fruitful service to the public of Sri Lanka, Swami Atmaghanananda was to leave for India the next day to take up his new position as Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith (Vivekananda College), 45 Oliver Road, Mylapore, Chennai. The atmosphere in the Mission on that weekend was very unusal.

Waves of sadness prevailed the air with streams of people entering and leaving the Ashram.

Many were with flowing tears and few were struggling hard to control. Mothers were weeping; children were sobbing. Every move of the crowd, every word uttered evidenced the breath of Swami Atmaghanananda’s noble, selfless service to humanity.

People of different religions, caste and creed see him as a lovable, simple, true sanyasin imbibing all the virtues of Swami Vivekananda and a shining example for humanity.

His every move exemplifies that he is truly an incarnation of the spirit of genuine renunciation. Meeting him in his room was a source of great inspiration and joy.

It was a delight to hear him talk on various aspects of day to day life with a crystal clear mind and childlike spontaneity. he was a counsellor, mentor, teacher and a friend to all those who approached him with various problems. Many felt a great solace in his tender care and genuine concern in their welfare. Scriptures say ‘Love is God.

God is love, Where there is love, there God is certainly evident’. Swamiji adopts this as his motto and transforms the love into service an the service into worship and people in turn recognise him as a true reflection of the ‘Premaswaroopa’ and adore him as ‘A Living God’

Ramakrishna Mission is well-know among all religious communities of Sri Lanka as an Organisation that fosters harmony and unity among people. Swamiji very much focused on nurturing individual towards building a harmonious society with due respect to their beliefs and religion.

In the recent years it had been an accepted tradition to have Swamiji as a guest of honour or as a guest speaker in almost every religious function, educational forums or cultural seminars.

On hearing Swamiji speak with such eloquence, or on listening to him play the harmonium himself and sing with such mastery and devotion, it would be difficult to resist the feeling that he has been divinely shaped for the noble mission on which he is engaged.

His countenance reflects the ‘Divinity’ within, producing a magnetic field which invariably draws the gathering towards the path of spirituality.

In scriptures, it is said ‘spiritual life is not mere idle talk; it is not mere sensation: it is a life of fullness and perfection and he who leads a spiritual life is a centre of great spiritual force,’ Yes, in these sixteen years, this force empowered with a dynamic personality, ever radiating bliss and resonating spiritual energy drew all those who came in contact with him and were enthraled by his dedication to practical religion human welfare.

It is his adherence to the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, ‘Religions is living in God; it is neither merely a belief nor discussion about God’. that enabled him to draw the masses bypassing the boundaries of ethnicity under the present vulnerable political situation of Sri Lanka.

Swamiji’s transfer has left an irreplaceable vacuum and will be dearly missed for his compassion, tender care and simplicity which have touched the hearts of many in the spirit of service Swamiji will ever be in the hearts of Sri Lankans as an embodiment of ‘Divine Love’.

The waves of Indian Ocean wouldn’t dare to drift,

As we have tightly tide Thyself in our Hearts -

Like it happened to Lord Krishna

No words can express our gratitude for all that we received,

our Thanks to that ‘Special Mother’ for giving Thyself to the world,

And to ‘The Lord’ for having Thyself in our lives,

Though Thou art miles apart in Thy presence,

Resides in our hearts as Jasmine and fragrance,

And would stay in our memories until we last breathe.



Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service

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