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DateLine Wednesday, 30 May 2007

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TEACHERS: It is defined as “the people or an organization which has power to make decisions or who has particular area of responsibility in a country or a region.”

Are our authorities doing their jobs correctly? Are they really authorities?

For the last few days I have been reading some news items about teachers, playing truant. According to the statistics out of 200,000 teachers 40,000 teachers are absent everyday.

When I spoke to a teacher about this he told that teachers are also human and that they too have their personal work. He also said that there are some teachers who take leave without any special reason. Sometimes educational authorities are responsible for that.

I think this is true. If authorities do their jobs well there is no way for a teacher to play truant. Also there was a letter that teachers are responsible for the poor results, perhaps not all, but to make teachers very efficient, authorities should work actively.

They must analyse the report, find out from where good results and the poor results come. Also they should see the absent statistics of the teachers.

There should be a routine inspection on the schools to find the reasons for being truant. If the authorities visit those schools regularly teachers have no way of leaving the school. While criticising we should take action.

If we take the results of the schoolchildren we may be able to see that most good results come from city schools.

The city schools have all facilities. But the rural schools, at times do not have enough teachers to teach or proper sanitary facilities. So, those students have less facilities to sit for their exams and answer question papers properly. It is not the fault of the teachers and students.

Many schools, which have no proper facilities for students, were highlighted in the television. Authorities should take measures for these problems without only criticizing. If teachers play truant, they should question the principals, if principals play truant, they should put pressure on the school supervisor of the area.

Don’t think only of your own gains or benefits. Think about others as well. Those affluent countries became rich, because they work hard, and do their duties well, Lord Buddha said.

Attanam era Pathamam
Patirupe Nivesaye
Athanmam anusaseyya
Na Kilisseyya pandito

“Let one first establish oneself in what is proper and then instruct others. Such a wise man will not be defiled.”

I think it is the best to do our own duties without criticizing others.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service

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