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HRM - Key to organisational success

The Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka Inc. (IPMSL) founded in 1959 and received State recognition by an Act of Parliament in 1976, is the pioneer HR Institute in our country. The IPMSL has immensely contributed to the development of Human Resource Management (HRM) profession in Sri Lanka during the past four decades.

Vision of the IPM:

To be the Guiding Force and the leader in developing best People Management practices in Asian Region.

Mission of IPM:

We open pathways to the Human Resource Management profession. We are the knowledge centre for local and regional People Managers. As the catalyst and partner in human capital development, we continuously improve quality, standards and practices in the profession.


The objectives of the IPMSL are to promote and develop principles, techniques and practices of Human Resource Management in order to ensure a high level of professional standards and competence among membership and those aspiring to become members, to promote the study of Human Resource Management and to encourage research in to the best means and methods of applying the principles and techniques of Human Resource Management, to influence National Policy Formulation in areas related to the Human Resource Management, to facilitate networking among HR professionals and to share and develop knowledge, exchange views at national as well as international level.

International Affiliations:

The IPMSL is affiliated to the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) and to the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA). The IPMSL held the prestigious position of the President of APFHRM for a period of two years in the recent past and a Board Position of WFPMA during that period.

The Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka conducts study programmes to cater to the needs of School Leavers to the senior HR executives. Further training programmes, seminars and conferences are organized to educate the personnel in HR profession.

The creative and driving force of any organisation depends upon its people at work. Proactive organisations believe in the role of the HR as being the most critical determinant of performance. HR competency is the most important contributor towards the success of an organisation in terms of change and turbulence. It is the people who make the difference in an organisation.

Research has found that people treated with respect perform better. Human Resource is the only living resource in the Production Process which could be trained and developed to enhance the Organisational Productivity.

HRM has now emerged as a separate distinct discipline like medicine, law, engineering and accountancy. Knowledge of HRM does not confine only to personnel Managers.

All who manage people at work should understand the human behaviour, how it could be motivated for better results, importance of handling grievances and counselling, disciplinary management etc. Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Planters and even Teachers learn HRM to better management of the people under their preview.

The key to success in today's competitive world is the people." People Management" has now become the most vital discipline in managing organisations.

Sanjiv Wijayasinghe,
Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka Inc.

Questions and Answers

Requirement to Follow Chartered Accountant’s Classes at the OPA

Question: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka conducts training classes in the OPA premises. Please inform the educational qualifications requested and the fees charged by the Institution to enroll as a student.

P. Galagoda, Kandy.

Answer: Classes are conducted mainly for the Chartered Students

Diploma in ISSCA is for ICASL members as well as outsiders.

Fees: Rs. 28,000 ICASL Members

Rs. 30,000 Non Members

For details refer the ICASL: website:www.icasrilanka.com


Prospects for a recognized Diploma in Computer Science

Question: Is the Computer Society of Sri Lanka a member of the OPA? If so can they inform the prospects available for a student who has failed to obtain the necessary marks to enter a University to study for a recognized Diploma in Computer Science either in Sri Lanka or abroad?

R Mendis-Dehiwala


The Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) is a member of the OPA A Diploma in Computer Science should have one year Course work to fall into a recognized category. Course contents for such courses were given on our issue of 10th May Daily News on the OPA page"

The University of Colombo as well as Moratuwa conducts external Degree programmes in Information Technology. At the end of the first year of the Degree programme a recognised Diploma is given to successful candidates.

Organisations such as the National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) and Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) and foreign professional bodies such as the British Computer Society (BCS), Australian Computer Society (ACS) also do offer programmes leading to a recognised Diploma and beyond. Many recognised foreign diplomas too can be obtained through some of the local Institutions.


Rectifying of Pension Anomalies

Question: This has reference to the question by N. S. Nanayakkara of Colombo on the above subject on the Daily News OPA at your Service page of 19-04-2007.

I too retired under PA circular 44/90 in April 1994 after serving for 15 yrs and was 41 years at that time. I could have served for another 19 yrs which would have made my total service 34 years.

Had I been in service I could have earned many more increments, promotions to a higher grade and also qualified to receive the maximum pension of 90% of the salary in addition to the several salary revisions granted from time to time after my retirement.

The only incentive given for voluntary retirement on PA Circular 44/90 was that we were granted the maximum pension according to the last drawn salary irrespective of the service if it was more than 10 yrs viz 90% of the last drawn salary.

When pensions were increased by pension circular 6/2004 I was not given any increment as my service was counted as 15 years. There again according to pension circular 2/2006 my service has been counted as 25 years and pension calculated at 70% of the salary step where at the maximum pension that can be drawn is 90%.

Can the Director of Pensions go back on the assurance given in circular 44/90 and place as at a lesser point.

I would be grateful to you if you could enlighten me as to whether I am entitled to 90% of the salary step at retirement as I retired prematurely and voluntarily on that assurance. What should I do to get my grievance rectified and if not why not?

S. S. Jayatilaka

Answer: We contacted the Pensions Department and according to them, pensions of those who retired under circular No. 44/90 has not been adjusted under circular No. 2/2006.

They say that this situation would have arisen due to some other issue. You have been requested to write to the Pensions Department giving all your details. The Pensions dept. is at the New Secretariat Building, Maligawatte, Colombo 10.


VISA or Master Debit Card as an alternate to Credit Cards

Question: Recently, a 1% stamp duty has been introduced to be charged on the value of the Credit Card expenditure. Due to this many people including myself use the Debit Card as convenient option to carrying cash. Most traders do not give their usual discount given for cash purchase to credit card customers as the trader has to pay a certain percentage to the Bank.

In the case of debit cards too the traders are not willing to give the cash discount and are often not aware of the difference between a Credit and a Debit card.

Is there a benefit to the trader if he accepts Debit Card instead of Credit Card? Why has the Bankers Association not created awareness about the Debit Card amongst Traders.

Dines Joachim, Colombo 5

Answer: Yes the user of a Debit Card will save on the 1% stamp duty and also interest charge if he exceeds the Credit period.

Whilst there are the advantages to the user of the card, there is no advantage to the trader. Whether it is a credit card sale or a Debit card sale, the trader has to bear the Bank Commission of 3%. The traders' only benefit is that Credit and debit card increases his sale over cash sales.


Professional certification or Diploma in field of supply chain

Question: My son was not successful in getting admission the University after his GCE "A" Level examination.

I want him to follow a job oriented professional course. I read in the newspapers several vacancies being advertised for jobs such as Procurement Executive Materials and Warehouse Management and Supply Chain.

Is there any Association a Member of the OPA who provides Professional Education or Training in this discipline?

Aura Senanayake-Nugegoda

Answer: Yes, the Institute of Supply and Materials Management (ISMM) is a member of the OPA and their Office is in the OPA premises at 275/75, Prof. Stanley Wijesundera Mawatha, Colombo 7.

They are the National Body in this discipline incorporated by an Act of Parliament. They conduct several courses and training programme at various levels for different duration.

They conduct a three year Diploma programme in Purchasing and materials Management, as well as conduct an International Diploma in Purchasing and the supply chain management on behalf of the International Trade Centre (ITC) coming under the World Trade Organisation (WTO). For school leavers they have a Licentiate programme leading to a Diploma ISMM Telephone Nos. 2555562, 2584302.


Sri Lanka TV broadcast to the Middle East

Question: I am an Engineer who is on approved leave from the State media and working in Dubai at present.

Although we are not in Sri Lanka physically we like to hear day to day happening in Sri Lanka especially through government media.

Unfortunately we don't have that facility though we earn foreign currency for the country. Sometimes back the ITN programmes were available in due Middle East via Satellite but it has now been stopped without any reason. I earnestly request you to look into this.

Gamini Arambawela-Dubai, UAE

Answer: Further to our reply in the Daily News of April 12 for your above question, we are pleased to inform you of another Satellite, Sri Lanka television channel called Srilankavahini.

They broadcast SriLankan news everyday at 7.00 p.m. Sri Lankan Time to Asia. Europe, Middle East, Russian Federation and African Countries. Details are as follows. Satellite-yamal 202. location-49 East, Band-C, Frequency-3784. S. Rata-1555, FEC-3/4. Also can be contacted on e-mail [email protected] or www.Srilankavaini.net.

Unfortunately, this is also a private TV station and National TV broadcasts are not available on satellite yet.

Please send in your questions

The Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA) will cover questions in all professions and subjects of common interest to the public in the "Daily News OPA at Your Service" page every Thursday.

Please make your question brief. Questions can be directed to the OPA on e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] / [email protected] Fax:2559770 or write to the Professional Centre, 275/75, Prof. Stanley Wijesundera Mawatha, off Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7.


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