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DateLine Wednesday, 23 May 2007

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More village folk offer dana to Angulimala Thera

BUDDHISM: As a result of ensuring the safe delivery through the assertion of the Truth of his 'noble spiritual rebirth', people began to have greater confidence in his inner transformation. Many of the village folks' perception of him changed appreciably.

They discarded their fears and scepticism and acknowledged his transformation into a noble being. As a result, an increasing number of village folk were now kindly disposed towards him. People were more willing to offer him alms when he visited their homes on his daily Pindapata rounds.

Not all village folk respected Angulimala Thera though as a noble, righteous bhikkhu. There were a resentful few who could not erase their anger and hatred towards him from their hearts. Their animosity was not erasable for he had murdered their loved ones.

They continued to abhor him, despite his entry into the Bhikkhu Sangha. They could not forgive him for having caused them such irreparable loss and suffering. There were also many who still did not trust his motives although he had now donned the yellow robe.

They regarded him as a monstrous person in disguise and still a danger to society. Unable to seek retribution against him trough the normal legal process, as the king had already pardoned him, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

To be continued


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