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Saturday, 19 May 2007

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“Edge Grand Prix” from June to September

ATHLETICS: History was in the making in the field of Athletics (Track & Field) with the launch of “Edge Grand Prix” (a series of 10 National Level Track & Field competitions). Hosted by “Edge”, the sports nutrition leader, the competitions are to be held from June to September 2007, and will be open to all age groups.

The Edge Grand Prix, which is also the brain child of Talavou Alailima, the Sri Lanka Shot Putt and Discus record holder, is to be conducted in association with ANTFA (The Association of National Track and Field Athletes) and with the blessing of the Ministry of Sports and the Sri Lanka Athletic Association.

One of the objectives of the Edge Grand Prix is to create a Track & Field season in Sri Lanka, and provide high quality competitions to help improve personal performances.

Another important goal of these competitions is that cash incentives will be in place to reward hard work and dedication of all stake holders.

The incentive structure has also been geared to encourage coaches to not only scout for talent, but to also better train the athletes so that ultimately Sri Lanka would have a second and a third rung of national champions that would bring honor in the 2012 Olympic Games.

A total of 36 Events for both men and women will be held at each competition, with the structure of the event being as follows

Edge Grand Prix Competitions 1 & 2 Two or three day meets will be held for all applicants. Based on performance, the best 48 athletes will qualify to compete at the next level. The estimated number of competitors for both of the Edge Grand Prix competitions will be around 10,000.

Edge Grand Prix Competitions 3,4,5,6, & 7 Out of the 48 competitors for each event, the top 24 will qualify for the 8th round.

Selection will be base on the average performance of 5 meets, out so the total of 7 thus far. The estimated number of competitors would be around 1,750.

Edge Grand Prix Competition 8 At this competition the top 16 athletes in each event will qualify to participate in the 9th leg. We estimated that 850 competitors would qualify.

Edge Grand Prix Competition 9 Only the top 8 competitors from this competition will qualify for the final grand finale. The estimated number of competitors should be around 600 athletes.

Edge Grand Prix Competition 10 All competitors that qualify to participate in the 10th Edge Grand Prix will be rewarded with cash awards depending on their performance. The estimated number of competitors for this final meet will be 300.

Cash Prizes * A minimum of Rs. 3 Million in cash awards will be presented to the competitors of the 10th Edge Grand Prix. * Those who break a Sri Lanka record during the 10 competitions will receive a minimum cash prize of Rs. 100,000 each. * 30% of all cash awards allocated for winners will be shared with the coaches who helped them identify their talent, and nurtured their performance through the years.

The application for the Edge Grand Prix 2007 can be found in national news papers, in all three languages. The applications are to be faxed to 4304413, or to register online please visit www.edgegrandprix.org.


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