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Saturday, 19 May 2007

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Kalutara teens bloom at ‘Blossom 2007’

MUSIC: This time the noise of drums, trumpets, saxophones and euphoniums comes from Kalutara. The

Senior Music Band

 teens of Holy Cross College have organised a band show for the first time. `Blossom 2007’ will take place today at the Kalutara town hall from 6.30 p.m. A few teenagers joined Daily News Teen to talk about this exciting event.

Chamith Cooray, 17, plays alto saxophone for the band show. “We are practising more than 13 songs. We have practices after school and it goes on till about 6.30 p.m. We want to do it on a professional level. We practised hard to come to this standard. We put a lot of effort. We get a lot of support from our parents and teachers,” he explained.

“I joined the band in Grade 8. Now I am in Grade 12.

This show has brought a lot of experience for us. Students are talented and it is an opportunity to bring out the talents. I can play the piano also. Concerts like these help us to go forward in life. We also sell tickets and assist in every way we can to make this show a success,” Chamith added.

“The band show is interesting. We love practising. We want to practise hard and do a very good show. I play the euphonium. I will be sitting for the O/Ls this year. While I do my studies I go for band practices. We enjoy this a lot and it will be a good show. I like the band very much,” Mithila Wijesinghe, 16, said.

Primary Music Band

Miraj Jayakody, 14, plays the second trumpet. “I was in the junior band for four years. Now I am in the senior band. We are playing 18 songs for the concert. The songs will be a mixture of modern and classical,” Miraj said.

“Music comes from my family. I can improve and exhibit my talents through this show. I also can sing well. I play several musical instruments. Music is something in my body. I love music very much.

I am confident and am looking forward for the show. All band members are counting fingers for this great day. We are trained well. It is good to participate in something like this apart from the studies. It enriches our lives and adds knowledge. I am proud to be in the band and I thank each and everyone who supported us to make this event a success,” he added.

Ishara Perera is the band leader and shoulders the biggest of responsibility. “It brought a lot of pleasure in

Junior Music Band

 organising this event. It was a need to present the talents of the players. I like to thank all past students who played a keyrole to uplift the band to the present standard,” Ishara said.

Teenagers thanked Bro. Ranjith Perera, Principal, Sujeeva Fernando, Teacher-in-Charge, Melan Cooray, band trainers and the teachers for strengthening them.

Teens out there in Kalutara, if you are free today, you can enjoy a wonderful evening of music.



Training on financial management for Youth Parliament

PROJECT: The Sri Lankan Youth Parliament (SLY),, a project of the Banadaranaike Centre for International Studies, organised a workshop to train a group of its members on Financial Management.

The participants attended the workshop to receive information and knowledge relating to managing funds for their community based projects.

The workshop was organised as a pre-event for SLYP’s Mini Grant Programme through which a number of action plans developed by SLYP’s members are expected to be funded.

The topics that were covered during the workshop included resource mobilisation, accounting records, financial monitoring and internal control system.

Twenty three selected members from different parts of the country participated in this workshop. Verni Vijayarajah, a freelance trainer and S. A. D. L. Weerasinghe, CEO of Irritech Pvt Ltd were the resource persons.

The workshop was organised utilising a grant made available to SLYP by OTI of USAID.

The SLYP is a youth- led, youth run initiative, which mobilises and supports a network of young people to bring about positive and sustainable change to issues that affect youth and their communities in Sri Lanka.

The network was created at the first sitting of SLYP in August 2005. A total of 225 young people from all around the country came together at this sitting and formulated action plans for social change, both individual and collective, numbering over 200.

These youth make up the first generation of young people involved with the Sri Lankan Youth Parliament looking into the areas of Peace Building, Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Child Rights, HIV/AIDS & Health, Youth Employment, Youth Empowerment, Youth Culture, Sustainable Development, Education and Environment.

The SLYP Secretariat, supported and managed by the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies, provides support to these young people in implementing the action plans.

The Secretariat is also involved in projects with various development partners, both government and civil society, at the national level, to increase youth participation in decision and policy making.

Calling all junior inventors

CONTEST: The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka has organised the Junior Inventor of the Year competition - 2007.

Sri Lankans between 12 and 20 years as at August 30, 2007 can join the competition. Contact 071 4163423, 071 4150720, 2574159, 2574268 or 2702816 to get the application form and other information before May 25. The closing date for submission of applications is May 28.

The winners will receive the title award Junior Inventor of the Year, Gold, Silver, Bronze medals, a number of prizes and certificates, scholarships up to university education, a trophy and a cash prize for the school of the Junior Inventor.

The winner will also be able to participate in the INTEL Science and Engineering Fair 2008 in USA. Preliminary evaluation of proposals will be from June 2007.


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