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DateLine Saturday, 5 May 2007

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The healing touch of Yoga

ANCIENT WISDOM: Yoga is one of the world's oldest philosophies dating back 5000 years to the Mohandajero and Harappa civilisations. The very word yoga consoles the mind.

Yoga is immensely popular throughout the world as it brings solace to man suffering from various illnesses caused due to heavy work and over exertion.

Even the West has now accepted its influence to provide mental ease and solace to tired people. Yoga is a tested cure for illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart ailments, cancer, gastritis, neuro illnesses, migraine and obesity.

Before embanking on a life of yoga you should have an idea of what you should expect from yoga.

You must understand first of all that you should create a mental calmness. Thus will lead to most benefits. The control of the breath "Pranayama" is the foundation level of controlling the mind. The mind is hardly steady. It goes all over.

Through yoga we can develop to control the mind. Once the mind is controlled we can easily feed the mind to dictate terms to all inactive organs in our body. Yoga helps the body and mind to develop together.

This union of body and mind becomes very effective in work.

You have to believe in yoga. You have to believe in its powers. As you advance in yoga practice, Yoga will become a hobby.

The more you devote yourself to yoga the more you will realise that frustrations and failures have no place. We have to accept yoga as a blessing in life. Regular practice will help make your bodily organs function well.

Your heart will be active without any disruption. Your digestive system will be smooth.

The brain will give you correct thoughts. Old age will not affect you. This is the gift of yoga. Your mental confidence and physical well-being will never be an imagination.

Important advice

Yoga is also a philosophy. It is the best way of living.

Those having ailments such as high blood pressure and heart troubles should never perform Asanas without consulting a qualified instructor and should never perform yoga right after a meal. One should have at least four hours before Asana. But out of 84,000 different Asanas, there are two Asanas which could be performed.

The Police department plays a vital role in a civilised society in any country. All of us have to value their duty. But it all depends on how smart and honest they provide this service.

Yogic personnel have realised the hurdle they come across to fulfil this service. It is nothing but the healthy body and mind. This is the magic that drives a man to think correctly, do things correctly, and live correctly.

The 'Setsanda Yoga Niketanaya' has stepped forward to give yoga training to the entire police force stage by stage which is the only simple and harmless way of energising and conserving the existing energy.

This humanitarian service has been extended to the Sri Lanka Prison Department. The retainers and those who are sentenced to death. Lethargy reduces productivity. It is best to give your workforce stretching, breathing and mind relaxing exercises for half an hour before they commence the day's work.

The basic elements that create leadership is a healthy mind and a healthy body. The 'Pranayama' and 'Asana' picks up the personalities in you to lead the way out.

Why is called an innocent exercise ? When you perform Asanas you conserve energy. But in any other exercise you waste energy.

This is the reason why 'Age is no barrier' for yoga. As long as you can walk about you are fit enough to do yoga.

Yoga insists on the importance not only of exercise but also of behaviour and food. The yoga philosophy covers all this by its eight-fold path 'Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Prathyahara, Dharana, Diyana, Samadhi'.

Yoga philosophy insists on 'Sakviti' food, which only allow vegetables and fruits.

Yoga can pave the way a) Hypnotism / self-hypnotism (new method). b) Healing treatment. c) Yogic exercises for before and after pregnancy. d) Depression. e) Obesity.

The writer obtained a diploma in Yoga training at the age of 16 and has successfully completed a training course in Alternative Yoga methods and Psychiatry in India.

A former Sub Inspector of police Warnakula created Sri Lanka's first CD on Yoga.


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