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DateLine Monday, 12 February 2007

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LTTE displays trademark brutality

THE killing of Selliah Kurukkal Parameshwaran, the Chief Poosari of the Santhiveli Pulleyar Kovil, Batticaloa, by the LTTE, freshly underlines the terrible inhumanity and brutality of the Tigers.

In this killing we have proof, once again, of the limitless nature of LTTE barbarism. It is in the strongest terms that we condemn this spilling of innocent blood and call on the State to spare no pains to bring to justice the killers of the Poosari.

Besides the sheer inhumanity of the crime, the LTTE-inspired tragedy is a testimony to the Tigers' continuing opposition to peace, reconciliation and harmony in the country.

For, it is obvious that the Poosari was brutally gunned-down by the LTTE for his inspirational act of blessing President Mahinda Rajapaksa during the latter's recent visit to Vakarai.

To begin with, it was a spirit of reconciliation and caring that took the President to Vakarai at the end of the Security Forces' successful military campaign there.

Besides commending the Security Forces for a job well done in the East, it was the aim of the President to underscore the unity and territorial integrity of this our land, which belongs to all its communities and social groups, wherever they may be.

The message which was cogently conveyed by the President through this visit was that every inch of land in this country comes within the purview of the State which in turn is committed to serving the country's communities.

More importantly, the message was driven home that the State would fight tooth and nail to keep the country free of marauders, such as the LTTE, whose sole intention it is to bring division, discord and disunity into the land.

By killing the Poosari who blessed the President on this occasion, the Tigers have proved in no uncertain terms their trademark destructive intent and purpose.

That is, that they remain committed to division and discord and that they would go to any lengths to achieve these evil ends.

In the brutal slaying of the Poosari the world needs to see, once again, the appalling plight of the people whose misfortune it is to live in the presence of the LTTE. It is clear that the well-being of these people is not on the agenda of the Tigers.

As has been often proved, the aim of the LTTE is to make pliable tools out of the Tamil people, who could be brutalized by the Tigers and made to do their bidding.

It is not the aim of the Tigers to shower any caring on the people, which is a speciality of the State.

The world community should not make a mistake about the fact that what the LTTE has in mind for the Tamil people is a most brutal despotism.

In the thinking of the Tigers, the people just have no will of their own. They either fall in line with the Tigers or prepare to face death.

Accordingly, the world should see in the Poosari's killing a fresh compulsion to join the Lankan State in its efforts to neutralize the LTTE.

Rambukkan Oya Reservoir

Will provide waterfor agricultural and infrastructure development:

Ampara & Batticaloa will see vast development with the launching of the work on the Rambukkan Oya reservoir which begin today. This planned reservoir by the Department of Irrigation brings benefits to both Ampara and Batticaloa Districts by providing much needed water for the development of 2000ha of arid lands in addition to the drinking water and other infrastructure development.

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Racial and caste discrimination

The quest for superiority, primarily over other species and thereafter over the same species, is a trait common to almost every living thing on earth. This is specially so in a species known as Homo sapiens, the assemblage of a unit,

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Liberal and Muslim

As the Democratic Party took control of the United States House of Representatives on January 4, history was made on several fronts. Not only is this the first time that the U.S. House of Representatives is being led by a female Speaker, but it is also the first time that a Muslim has been elected to Congress.

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