Pathalalithyam reflects growth of Bharathanatyam

DANCE: Bharathanatyam performed in the Sinhalese style

DANCE: The grand celebration of the 30th anniversary of Natya Kala Mandhir took place at the BMICH recently. The concert choreographed by Kalasuri Smt. Vasugi Jegatheeswaren entertained the audiences with a variety of Indian and Sri Lankan classical dances.

The occasion was graced by the well-known South Indian film star and classical dancer Vinith as the chief guest. With the theme of Pathalalithyam, the artistes of Natya Kala Mandhir delighted the audience with a breath-taking performance. The institute dedicated to the growth and development of Bharathanatyam in Sri Lanka celebrated its 30th successful year with pride which reflected the tremendous effort put by its chief executive Kalasuri Smt. Vasugi Jegatheeswaren.

The program commenced in the traditional way accompanied by the orchestra with "Nrithya Upachara". The artists presented an energetic performance for a boosting start.

Nritta Swaravali a combination of jathis (steps sequence), and lyrics in non-narrative sequence followed to bring the pure form of dance to the enjoyment of the audience.

Smt. Vasugy is well-known for her cleanliness in the body movements which she brings out through the perfect outfits of the dancers. From the beginning of the program she maintained her standard in the costumes matching the theme and the needs of the dance movements.

To eulogize the Hindu gods, the artists performed Manthra Pushpam and Siva Ganesha Sthuthi which were creatively composed and choreographed with postures, symbolic gestures and movements.

For rendering a dance to its fullest, one's needs dedication and passion and this brings out its nuances. The artists depicted the innovative movements bestowed by their guru taking the audience towards an aesthetic experience.


The splendour of peacocks is illustrated through variety of techniques, costumes and body movements using the folk style. Mayura Narthanam was performed by the artists of Natya Kala Mandhir to give the flavour of Bharathanatyam and Ravi Bandu Samanthu Narthana Ayathaneya to give the essence of Sinhalese dance.

It is interesting to see the changes this evolutionary dance has undergone in the past few centuries. It is important to sustain the tradition but at the same time as time evolves changes are inevitable, It is due to the increasing expectaton and passion of the audiences over innovative form of art.

Creation is a challenge and the artists who break it are celebrated. Smt. Vasugy has again proven her innate skills in this dance that she breathes.

Living together in peace as a nation is vital to the today's era. Bharathanatyam is a dance which could bring the modality of any expression or emotion vividly. Any theme, message or idea could be conveyed through this intricate dance. "Janmaboomi" emphasized patriotism by praising our motherland Sri Lanka through the young artists.

Expressions come through fervent devotion and the proper comprehension of the theme. Through the dance item "Towards peace", Smt. Vasugi emphasized the preaching of the Buddha through the young prodigies of Natya Kala Mandhir.

Perfect timing

The highlight of the day was Layakavithai a renowned repertoire of Smt. Vasugi. It was an exceptional performance with gorgeous sequence of steps with perfect timing and coordination. It was brilliantly choreographed praising the guru in a rhythmic poem.

"Thrithwa" turned out confidently on to the stage presenting a dance form of both an Indian and a Sri Lankan mix. The dancers of Ravi Bandu Samanthu Narthana Ayathaneya spontaneously brought out an amazing piece of transformed creation to the delight of the crowd with impeccable dance movements.

Experimenting distinct dance styles is common in Smt. Vasugi's programs. "Nritha Angaharam" is a superb composition of the North Indian Kathak of Mughal era and thecontemporary Bharathanatyam.

It contained breath-taking foot work with perfect synchronization of the performers making it a professional piece of item for the day.

Smt. Vasugi's presentations endure in the memories of the audience whether it is the choreography, costume, stage setting or lighting and Pathalalithyam is yet another remarkable presentation which is without doubt a turning point in her carrier.

Devotional art

The 30 years of contribution to this devotional art is a revolution in the history of Sri Lankan Bharathanatyam for which veteran Smt. Vasugi Jegatheeswaren has been conferred with innumerable awards.

Her unique style of dancing with perfection in all aspects of presentation has gained her acclamation and recognition. Smt. Vasugi Jegatheesawaren who is bestowing this fine art to the up coming generation is a pioneer to the renaissance of Bharathanatyam in Sri Lanka.

Pathalaithyam is a reflection of the tremendous growth of Bharathanatyam in the Island.


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