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Wildfire, Marians unplugged concert at Sugathadasa Stadium

THE Young Planners Forum has undertaken the task of coordinating and organising what would be the country's most musically fabulous event for the year, as they will bring Wildfire of the popular West and Marians of the popular East to play on one stand.

Arrangements are in place to hold the all important Willdfire and Marians Live and Unplugged Concert at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, Colombo on January 21. It is sponsored by Mobitel.

The two bands, Wildfire in western rock and versatile, and Marians in oriental pop and fusion, are expected to give one of a kind musical experience to music fans as they perform together for the first time at the Sugathadasa Stadium.

Pix by Sudath Nishantha

Marians is the first Sri Lankan band to have performed an "unplugged concert" with a professional approach by far by all local standards. This they did at the BMICH , Colombo, last year after much deliberation and study.

Wildfire has been the most musically acclaimed rock and versatile pop band in Sri Lanka with an undisputable reputation for live stage gigs and power packed performances wherever they played.

The leader of Wildfire, Derek Wickremanayake said in an interview with In Tune, " We are very keen to play at this concert. We have a couple of rehearsals with Marians ahead of the show."

"Marians is a good band. I have seen them playing. So it is not a bad idea at all to play side by side with them," he said.

The purpose of the concert is to convene both the Western and oriental music lovers under one roof so that they can have a nice time and experience some quality music, said Derek.

We expect a participation of 4,000 people, he said.


I think it is going to be some sort of rare experience for those come to see the event because it will be a combination of both Western and Eastern sounds in a different format, he added.

Nalin Perera, the Leader of Marians has this to say about the show.

"The Marians is always willing to try something new. But this is not just about that. I want to give out something unique to music lovers who has been tired listening to same stuff over and over again."

"This concert is for music lovers. We are not going to provide back up music to any outside artists at this concert. This is not going to be another musical show," he said.

"We are not going to have any studio effects other than mixing the sounds. We are going to have pure music, unplugged although we may be inclined to have an electric guitar or two for musical effect," explained Nalin.

"The main focus behind the concert is to give something new to music lovers to come out of their "musical monotony", which they experience as result of having to listen to similar sounds whenever they tune into a local radio station," he said.

Explaining the nature of the concert, Nalin said, "one can expect something like Derek playing a lead guitar riff to one of my songs like," Anjalika." May as well one will see a lot of acoustic guitars being used, raw voices, a different stage setting."

"We went through a lot of study how these concerts are arranged internationally with the use of lot of DVDs and stuff," he added.

The Wildfire line up for the concert will be Derek (leader), Chris CJ, Mano, Channa (ex-member of Ebony on bass), Bennie and Malla.

The Marians line up, Nalin (leader), Prasanna Rosa, Ruwan Fernando, Maduranga, Hector Dias, Subhash, Jayantha, Shivanath and sound engineer and manager of the band Nelum Perera.

'Ricky Martin' of Sweden

Darin is the latest singing sensation that has hit the Swedish music scene. He was hurled to stardom almost overnight following the release of his music video 'Step Up'.

Darin, the heart throb of every Swedish girl!

He sings in English language just like a native English speaker. Darin is the heart throb of every Swedish girl nowadays. The lean bodied artist is a born dancer too. 'Step Up' is the first single of Darin's album. Darin's 'Step Up' hit straight to the top of the sales charts.

The album cut platinum with its sales.

He also received one of Sweden's most important music awards, 'Rock Bear' for the 'Best Male Artist' in 2005. He was also ranked as the most exposed artist in media in that year.

His debut album, 'The Anthem' with the mega hit 'Money for Nothing' passed gold status with record sales.

He has had over 200 concerts and four tours for the past two years. He became another 'Ricky Martin' in Sweden.

Only two years have passed since the release of Darin's debut album and he is now the 'dream boy' of all young Swedes.

His latest album, 'Break the News' released last October hit the air-play and sales charts.

Brett Lee's Hindi album zooms up Indian charts

A lilting romantic duet written and sung by blond Australian cricket star Brett Lee has climbed to number three on the Indian charts, the album's composer said.

Lee wrote the lyrics of "You're The One For Me" - which he performs with legendary Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle - in 30 minutes after a cricket practice session with his team during the Champions Trophy tournament in India in November.

The song, partly in Hindi, is about a Westerner trying to woo an Indian beauty. The song's video, shot in under three hours, has Lee playing guitar and singing to an Indian girl working in an office.

"We had a great time recording the music," composer Samir Tandon told Reuters. "As a musician he is nothing like the aggressive fast bowler that he is on the field. He is extremely polite."

The song climbed to number three this week on the music charts of popular FM station Radio City, which broadcasts in several Indian cities.

The song, in which Lee speaks a smattering of Hindi as well, figured in the top four of many newspaper and magazine rankings as well, Tandon said.

Lee has reportedly said recording the song with Bhosle was an "amazing" experience, calling the Indian singer, who has sung some 13,000 numbers, the "Aretha Franklin of India".

For Bhosle, it was not only a chance to meet a famous cricketer but one with a knowledge of music.

"My family has always followed cricket avidly, so recording with Brett Lee was exciting," Bhosle told Reuters. "He is a charming person."

For decades Bhosle, and her more illustrious sister Lata Mangeshkar, have captivated the imagination of music lovers in India, rendering thousands of hit songs for Bollywood and other Indian language films.

Lee, who plays in the band Six & Out with former New South Wales state teammates, has also been offered roles in Bollywood films, but he has turned them down because of cricket commitments, the Times newspaper reported in London this week.


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