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Fiji, paradise at crossroads?

THIS appreciation of his people by Ratu Ganilavu, a paramount chief of the Fiji Islands of more recent times, was obviously made in an effort to highlight their cultural differences with the Indians, the "other" people now calling his beloved ancestral land home. The average Fijian as ordained by his Melanesian bloodline is big, strong and athletic. His traditional bond with tribe and land has given him a sense of gravity and loyalty.

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Global Scrutiny:

Spectre of civil war haunts Palestinian areas

A call for fresh elections in the Palestinian Authority areas by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has triggered fierce and prolonged armed clashes between the Fatah and Hamas groups and raised the spectre of civil war in the region.

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PTA and Northern and Southern terrorists

If there was one piece of legislation which was maligned by the entire opposition including the SLFP and TULF, it was none other than the Prevention of Terrorism Act. J. R. Jayewardene said it was not a permanent piece of legislation that should be in the Statute Book and he called it The Prevention of Terrorism Act.

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Spectre of civil war haunts Palestinian areas

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PTA and Northern and Southern terrorists

The possible face of the future Royal family

The need to improve computer literacy

The Indian example

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