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NRC activated to fulfil promises made by Mahinda Chintanaya - Prof. Karunanayake

COLOMBO: Science and Scientific Research is the backbone of economic prosperity and development of any country and in particular to Sri Lanka and the National Research Council (NRC) has been activated to fulfil the promises made by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his 'Mahinda Chintanaya', observed Prof. E.H. Karunanayake.

Calling a press conference at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday Prof. E.H. Karunanayake explained to the media the objectives of the NRC, stating that its general objectives were to plan and co-ordinate the research effort of researchers and facilitate their research in the public sector Scientific Research and Development Organisation in Sri Lanka, so as to build, strengthen and derive the maximum benefit to the country from a vibrant national research community.

Specifically, the NRC will strive to promote, direct, and evaluate research of scientists in Scientific Research and Development (R&D) organisations, direct the Science and Technology research effort of the country within a well planned Science and Technology Research policy and an Action Plan which is closely linked to the National development framework already laid down.

It will encourage and strengthen co-operation among researchers in Science and Technology in Sri Lanka on the one hand and between them and the international research community on the other. It will also provide access to such researchers to global scientific and technological research knowledge and such activity.

Advisor to the President on Scientific Affairs, Mahinda Chintanaya and Contribution of Research to National Development Prof. P. W. Epasinghe said that the funding for Scientific Research comes from the Tax Payers' pocket directly as grants from the annual budget and therefore, the scientific community is answerable to the people of this country for the monies obtained and spent on scientific research.

He pointed out that while pure research should not be eliminated fully, it was however necessary for the people who finance it, to feel that they obtain a return or at least some benefit in the future.

As people are represented by their parliamentarians, they too need to be convinced regarding the annual allocations of funds for scientific research. He said further that the people gave a mandate to President Rajapaksa to implement the 'Mahinda Chintanaya', and it is their duty as state sector scientists to be dedicated towards the fulfilment of them.

Prof. C.A.N. Fernando told the journalists how 'Nano Technology' could be put to use in Sri Lanka and explained to them the pros and cons of the said technology.

The Scientists also responded to queries of the journalists as to their priority areas, which they said was in agro based industries. They opined that their deliberations would also minimise the 'Brain Drain', which has had a great impact for the detriment of our country in science and technology.



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