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Karuna revelations

It was interesting reading, the interview given to the daily News by one time Deputy Leader of the LTTE, Karuna. (DN Nov. 27) Straight from the 'horses mouth' or somewhat.

Some hard, straight questions have been asked and Karuna has given his replies. Out of all, the most interesting are the revelations with regard to Norway's and more so, Mr. Solheims's 'heroics'. To reproduce these startling thunderbolts, 'Erik Solheim gifted a 6 ft. TV screen to Prabhakaran'.

'They (Norway) helped us (emphasise us- shows his binding to the LTTE at that time) immediately after the CFA was signed', 'Solheim gave money to Balasingham, I saw it happening,' 'We bought arms with this money, unloaded ammunition 40 days after the signing of the CFA', 'LTTE has given money to Solheim, LTTE looks after him, there is a talk that the LTTE helped Solheim to buy his house in Oslo, Solheim always told Prabhakaran that they were with the LTTE, Solheim advised Prabhakaran how to govern in the future, they showed us military bases, gave us transmitters, this support came mainly from Solheim, Norway is fully aware of Prabhakakan's motives, they don't want to show to the world that they are failing as peacemakers, they only think of their future'.

Now this is all what Karuna is telling. What he is telling may be 100 per cent facts, may be 100 per cent lies or certain percentage of facts and lies. But we as readers, have every right to read such an interview. It is all the more important in the current perspective.

As the saying goes, there will be no smoke without fire. Even if there is an iota of truth in what Karuna says of the Erik Solheim and Norwegian hand in the betrayal of the Government in favour of the LTTE, is a very very serious infringement on the Sovereignty of our Motherland.

The 'international community' who are now, sadly, directly involved in our conflict, keeps on pronouncing Norway as genuine 'peace makers'. But as things point to, they are more Piece Makers. Let me say, I may be wrong. If it is so, good. But chances are remote.

I as an ordinary citizen of Sri Lanka am happy and deeply indebted to your newspaper for publishing the said interview. In an era when so many good for nothing interviews are published in so called national, but, rag, gossipy newspapers, it is perfectly in order to publish more nationally important interviews.

I must congratulate once again the 'Daily News' for making reading most interesting, especially latterly. Please continue the good work.

Where are the 'Sweeping changes to private bus service'?

The Daily News of June 3 carried a news item under the heading 'Sweeping changes to private bus service' Now it is nearly six months since the news item appeared but I have not seen any changes for improved service in private buses.

In fact as per my letter to the editor (DN June 20) I foretold this position and said similar news items have appeared in the papers from time immemorial without any changes for better service. The only change that has taken place in the past was the increasing of bus fares at the slightest increase in the price of diesel.

Releasing such news items to the press are a ruse adopted by the heads of state institutions in order to show the public and Minister concerned that they are very active in their position. If the Transport Commission cannot fulfil the aspirations of the public for a better transport service, the Commission should be abolished.

These Commissions are a wastage of public funds and further they bring discredit to the authorities.

Lack of professional ethics among doctors

Today, we live in a society where professional ethics are no longer existent among doctors. At the drop of a hat they are ready to strike and hold their patients to ransom. The current trend by most doctors is to see as many patients possible for a day, in most instances over 75 numbers are given.

This is done at three to four or even more different hospitals for a day. They tend to cut it fine by hopping from one hospital to another.

In most instances patients are left waiting for hours till the doctor arrives. They never arrive at the given time.

Little children get very restless and parents have to bear the brunt. The greed for money and lack of principles has brought about this. It is understandable if the doctor is delayed due to a delivery or something beyond their control.

When they do finally arrive they are in an almighty hurry and have no time for the patient as their main concern is to get to the next hospital where more patients are waiting. Empathy is a quality lacking in most doctors today.

A particular Neurosurgeon treats his patient like 'dirt', and has no humane qualities. The poorest of the poor sometimes from the most remote parts of the country come to him after a laborious process of queuing up in the early hours of the morning to get a number. Is this the price we have to pay for privatization?

'The former President' CBK upto her old tricks - Does the UNESCO permit personal agendas?

Whether one is the Chief Minister, President, Former President, Party Leader or Senior Advisor of the UNESCO, inherent traits do not wither or get reformed when those individuals are not humble enough to look within themselves, correct their shortcomings, or if they do not have the welfare of the country or society at large in their hearts.

This is very unfortunate in the case of Chandrika Kumaratunga whose driving force is vengeance, viciousness, vindictiveness and arrogance. Those qualities are unfortunately, not leadership qualities - it only exposes a person's weakness that she cannot go beyond 'petty politics'.

After eleven years at the helm, it has yet not seeped into her arrogant head, that she is no longer 'The President' or that she is now yet another citizen of this country like any of us.

Now what she needs to do, is to live upto the dignity expected of having acquired a Senior Advisor post with the UNESCO and conduct her duties to that organisation with absolute commitment and with a sense of responsibility that position holds for the Asian Region. Facilitating her to dabble with Sri Lankan local politics is not the reason why she probably was given the UNESCO post!

Has she forgotten that or typical of her nature, does she take the UNESCO for 'a door-mat' to be trampled and pushed around according to her whims and fancies?

The recent interview she gave to the Sunday Leader shows what principles she has and also that she is not ashamed to make use of the very people who were trailing her and criticising her - if she could use them to hit out at some of her adversaries!

Now her greatest rival is our incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa and officials of this Government - why? Because she has forgotten that she no longer is wanted in this country or that the country has no use of such personalities.

Her one ambition right now, is to make every possible effort, to insult the present Government under which her brother Anura Bandaranaike is lucky enough to be given a ministerial post!

The Sunday newspapers of November 26 both in Sinhala and English have been full of her sob stories and her anxiety on a threat to her life, her charges against the current IGP, ministers, SLFP and her former lackeys!

What threat to her life when she was instrumental in helping Prabhakaran, to smuggle his wife and children overseas 'to heavenly life' as against the hell that he has created for the Tamil community in the North and East?

After having granted 'a Presidential favour' to a terrorist leader, do you think that he will try to destroy her life unless she destroys it herself? In the recent history of this country, we have not seen anyone as ungrateful as she is - even a terrorist leader will be thankful that he was able to manipulate such a leader of Sri Lanka!

What is she trying to achieve? Disruption of programmes that the current President is trying to achieve while making every effort to maintain the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

The 'green eyed monster' called jealousy in Chandrika Kumaratunga, will never cease until either she destroys someone else or destroys herself spiritually as well as her dignity. The more she manipulates, the more she exposes her true nature, the more people will understand her real mission in this country to destroy it!

It is a great wonder that UNESCO is not following the current events in the newspapers to see for themselves what people have been trying to advise them about her personality. They must judge whether or not she is capable of maintaining the trust that they have put on her - not only in words but in deeds!

UN organisations have been losing their credibility as being an impartial body, working for the welfare of nations and if they do not do anything to control the disciplines expected of their staff; they will lost what ever respect is left for their organisations, not only in Sri Lanka but also in other Asian countries!

We would hate to see her taking the UNESCO to the dirty levels that she took Sri Lanka!



Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Sri Lanka

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