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Mushrooms and trees at Udawattakele, Kandy. Picture by Dr. Sunil Fernando.

Media as a partner in national development

It is very important for the media to be a partner in national missions. They should highlight the positive aspects and provide solutions to difficult aspects through nationwide consultations.

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To: Yoshitha with love

You remind me of your great grandfather D. M. Rajapaksa. He was renowned as the lion of the Ruhuna. He was a challenge to the White Empire. White Government Agents were target of his kicks at the Hambantota Kachcheri and the Hambantota Rest House. He was in the forefront of the Ruhunu Vanguard against repressers of the working class during the colonial era.

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Drinking patterns among Sri Lankans

Toddy has been a popular alcoholic drink among Sri Lankans since the days of Sinhalese kings and has a low alcohol content and had been quite popular among our ancient warriors.

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Oliver Goonetilleke, greatest son of post colonial Sri Lanka

October 20 marks the 114th birth anniversary of former Governor General of Sri Lanka, Sir Oliver Goonetilleke, arguably the greatest son of Lanka since the advent of the Europeans into the country.

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Daily News Poetry

AIDS-related education: Are we ready?

A valuable treasure



Unsporty act by Kiwis


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