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Just when I think
We're all done
You keep
Coming back
And all those resolutions I make
And I lose myself
In your kisses

We'e all wrong
And we know it
There are moments
Tangled in each others arms
When we are perfect
Without a word being spoken
We are of one thought

How I wish
Your touch on my skin
Wouldn't cling
Long days after
These stolen moments
Are gone and we have parted
And said farewell
And turned away
And resolved
Not to love
Over and over again ....

The Monster

It came in a flash
The monster,
With its clawing hands
Grabbing whatever it could.

The innocent souls,
Running for their lives,
To escape the advancing monster,
Some praying some cursing,
Yet some dumbfounded.

It's been two years,
To be exact
Since the disaster struck

Loved ones lost
But still searching
For the stories untold
Buried deep within the ocean.

Warm wishes

Loads of blessings may the Good Lord bestow on you
As you light twenty one candles on your birthday cake today
Count your life by smiles not tears
Hopes and dreams may bring you lots of cheer
Emeralds and Rubies we value no more
Let you be loved and cherished on each day you grow
Little baby girl you've grown to be a beautiful woman
Ever be stars shining over you and flowers bloom

Mother sings to a baby

You little baby in my arms,
Nothing in the world
More precious than you
To me
In human family.

Little baby in my arms,
This world is not ours
The grownups,
It's your's baby,
Your's to live,
And continue the human family

Little baby in my arms
But sadly,
What are we, the adults
Doing today,
In wars and armed conflicts,
With nuclear weapons
And suicide bombers
Killing each other
Man becoming his own enemy
Destroying the world
And the human family
Your future blasting

Little baby in my arms,
Adults have lost the reality
That you are a creation
Of united action,
Union of a man and a woman

Little baby in my arms
Life depends on,
Unity and love
Man has to unite,
To save the world for you
Save humanity from destruction
This cardinal reality
I hope man will realise
And act upon,
You are not born
To a lost humanity
A lost world.

I beheld the azure

There were no stars I was sure
The moon had hidden somewhere
Storm clouds had scattered here and there

Nimbi had skittered throughout the sky
Vulture flew with its fiancee
Wind listened to a secret clandestinely
Between a flower and a hornet

Hornet uttered a secret and
wanted the flower to comply

Albeit, the moon was never so sad
About the love of flower she ever had
Thought she, the love of harnet

made the flower so mad

She never implied lamenting
though the love of flower, was unbridled

She offered to the flower
her love, unblemished.

Sky cried on behalf of her
Clouds cried on behalf of her
Stars cried on behalf of her

She might have cried,
She might have cried so heavily,

Tear drops might have fallen down
into oceans sheerly

She stopped worrying
as she met another lover newly

But she never loved him so strongly
As she loved the flower meekly


She dips the paint brush
In a pool of colour
Twirling the instrument
Till it's soaked completely....
She loves this medium
She dips the brush in
Yet another colour
Two colours merge
On paper....

After some time,
A fusion of a mind state
Is clearly visible....
She completes her painting
And wonders at her creation.
The creation which created itself
Abstract in form.... she leaves
The viewer to interpret it all....

The Poppy

Thriving in friendly mild lush
On caring trees or in the wild bush
Thousands of buds daily blush
Away from conditions tough and harsh

Obsessed with their own softness and beauty
Holding onto fragrance within tightly
These buds strive to stay afresh
Serving a cause, mainly selfish?

Yet a few buds stand up tall
To be mutilated and let their petals fall
To wither away, not afraid at all
Sending fragrance of love to one and all!

Defying the concept of mortality
Garnishing a fragrance lasting to eternity
They again, and again, and again, blossom
In ordinary peoples minds and bosoms!

The woes of the Bovines

As cows and bulls, miserable we are
Victims to man's misdemeanours.
Maltreated we are by the civilized man,
Whom no animals help as much as we do
But suffer his cruelty resignedly.
Subsists the selfish man on our milk
On which he makes a living.
On meadows we graze for fodder
To fill our belly, sans any cost to him;
Draw loaded carts at his beck and call
Foaming in our mouth without water;
For this arduous task a bonus we get -
Beating and prodding to move faster;
Toil and moil in his field for his gain
And our dung used to knead his house floor.
But man still ungrateful, savage and cruel
And reciprocates not our selfless service.

Segregates the calf from the mother
For he needs our milk for pecuniary gain;
In our old age freedom of life denied to us
Drives us to the slaughter house, the man of stony heart
To make money from our meat and hyde.
Without compunction sees us in the abattoir
Where our brothers and sisters, limbs tethered, beheaded;
At their anguished cries and blood bath abattoir
Shudder we and await our turn,
Shedding useless tears to avoid this tortuous destiny.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Sri Lanka

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