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Request to consumers and traders on eve of festive season

The festive season is nearing. Christmas and new year is the period the consumers pay their respects to their elders, family members, relations and friends at large.

Consumer items appear to be in abundance and cheap. There is a lot of publicity for consumer status and notices for sale.

It is our duty and mandate to protect consumers against the marketing of goods or the provision of services, which are hazardous to life and property.

It is also our duty to ensure that wherever possible consumers have adequate access to goods and services at competitive prices.

During the festive season, the traders and manufacturers to have a greater responsibility to be fair and reasonable. It is a dangerous step to kill the "Golden hen" when the consumers have utmost trust in the traders, manufactures and industrialists.

It is also our duty to seek redress against unfair trade practices, restrictive trade practices, or any other forms of exploitation of consumers by traders.

How do we protect the consumer while helping the traders and the industrialists. It is difficult, but it has to be done. The fact remains that the interests of the Consumer is of great importance to us. It is impossible for us to function without the help of the consumer.

A consumer must be vigilant and aware of their rights at all seasons, specially when there is a rush, competition, and availability of various types of Consumer Goods.

We as guardians, angel of the consumer wish to spell out a few golden rules for their own protection.

Please find out whether the prices of consumer items are price marked. Correct prices should be marked in every item in addition to the main price notice in which all the prices of consumer goods in the shop should be exhibited.

Please demand a receipt for goods that you purchase.

The receipt should contain the date of sale, quantity of goods sold, price paid, nature of transaction and any other requirements. If the trader is refusing to issue a receipt, you must make it politely inform the trader that you are aware of Section 28 of the CAA Act in which issuing a receipt is a must. If the trader still refuses, you merely telephone on our general Nos 2445897, 2393577 to 2393495 and communicate with one of our officers.

Please check the receipt carefully and make sure that you have been given the balance due to you. When you purchase canned food items, please read the description well - read the contents carefully, and see that you compare it and make sure of the contents inside the can before consumption.

Be extremely careful on the expiry date. It is very tricky, go through it carefully. If it is not clear or if you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the CAA.

The trader is performing an honourable job and a service to society. The trader is an essential component in the society.

A trader who is honest and just, is a blessing to the public and the public will love the trader who will trade for his living and not to exploit the public. Every religious leader has taken time to direct traders in the proper path.

The CAA Act No. 9 of 2003, is very specific on this matter and there are stringent provisions to regulate errant traders.

Our organisation will be active as a bee-hive during the festive season. We are not very much encouraged by receiving fewer complaints despite our vigorous campaign through the media and other ways, with the public.

We are working hard to gain the confidence of the people as a lively living organisation, full of action. Kindness and professionalism. We invite the public to make use of the walk-in-clinic for instant advice and the traders to make use of our auditorium to learn more to become good traders.

Sarath WIJESINGHE, Chairman, Consumer Affairs Authority

New Chairman of Lak Sathosa

We wish all success to the new Chairman of Lak Sathosa who is the current CWE Chairman.

Nalin Fernando talks little but knows to generate results from available limited resources.

All the Budget Shops have been successfully organised by Nalin, who has just taken over Lak Sathosa.

It is a relief for the consumers during the festive season to have a dynamic and energetic leader in this very important position.

Message to traders and information to customers

The Christmas season is on. Purchases will be at a very high rate. Therefore directions issued by the CAA with regard to textiles are reproduced below.

No trader shall sell, expose for sale or display for sale any types of textiles unless,

(a) A tag conspicuously specifying the maximum retail price per metre of such textile is stocked on to the fabric or attached to both ends of the tube or board carrying a roll or part of a roll of any such textiles.

(b) Every separate length of textiles not forming part of a roll bears a label or tag conspicuously displaying the maximum retail price per metre thereof.

Errant traders fined

01. A trader of a Sales Centre at Dehiwala was found guilty at the Mt. Lavinia Magistrate's Court and fined Rs. 1,000 for selling a 1.5 litre bottle of soft drink at Rs. 95 as against the price of Rs. 90 marked.

02. Another trader from Katunayaka, Averiyawatte who sold a 1.5 litre bottle of soft drink at a higher price than the price marked was fined Rs. 5,000 at the Negombo Magistrate's Court.

03. A proprietor of a Sales Centre at Borelesgamuwa was arrested while he was selling a particular kind of chocolate at a higher price having cut off the price marked. When he was produced before the Gangodawila Magistrate's Court, he was fined Rs. 1,000.

04. The proprietor of a shop at Padukka Road, Meegoda was fined Rs. 10,000 at the Homagama Court for selling bread without marking the price.

05. A trader of a pharmacy from Main Street, Kegalle who was arrested and produced before the Kegalle Magistrate's Court, was fined Rs. 5,000 for displaying a packet of tablets for sale without marking the price.

06. A proprietor of a salesshop was fined Rs. 2,000 at the Maligakanda Courts for selling a packet of dhal, violating the Direction No. 3 issued by the CAA.



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