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Three Tigers inside food lorry

COLOMBO: Three LTTE cadres were found inside one of the lorries of the convoy returning from Vakarai after delivering essential food items to civilians in the uncleared area on Wednesday night.

The Media Centre for the National Security spokesman Major Upali Rajapaksa said that a food convoy of 85 lorries carrying essential food items to more than 30,000 civilians had crossed the Marnkerni entry-exit point on Wednesday noon.

"Around 120 food lorries were ready to transport the essential food items to the uncleared area. The food convoy came under an LTTE attack and the Security Forces lodged a complaint with the SLMM. Since the response was not positive we had to pull back 38 lorries to Batticaloa," he told the Daily News.

The LTTE also used the opportunity to attack Security Forces in Vakarai west.

"We sent a foot patrol to Kirimichchi at around 1.45 p.m and they have been attacked by the LTTE using mortars. The soldiers repulsed the attack successfully," he added.

The SLMM was asked by the Security Forces to return with the empty food convoy before dark.

However, the convoy only arrived at midnight, Major Rajapaksa pointed out.

According to Major Rajapaksa the LTTEers had sneaked into the vehicle returning from Vakarai to Batticaloa and the Security Forces were deployed to check 91 food lorries including the INGOs' vehicles.

"During a search of the convoy three LTTE cadres were found inside one of the vehicles. Two of them escaped while the other was captured with a radio communication set and a secret code sheet," he added.


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