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Ooooh It's Carnival Time Meya! Hmmm... and AIDS Day too

Myeee it was a big hullabaloo this weekend my dears! When the boys that were right Royal and old boys of the union decided to have their annual Mardi Gras at the old place where the horses ran and also a place where some sporting one from a former political cabinet behaved like an over -charged stud bull (I mean horse) running after some gal.

But Darlings! the thing about that thing that became news headline over everything else, making eyes pop out of every head that heard it through the ears affixed to them.

Though the one from the Cabinet decided to run behind the gal she was quite good at teaching the one from the Cabinet, whose portfolio the gal came under (the 'Under' bit the chap took too seriously probably) a few things about running as she had beaten many a fast dames all over the world at the game.

Well, well with all those things from the past the place is famous for it has still kept its reputation intact as a place that actually let young boys freak out at old boys' get-togethers, which many Colombytes from me Colombian's Colombo were talking about and living it up last weekend.

Me Colombian of course do not pay much attention to such tardy events these days, especially when they happen under heavy showers as the sky's seem to have made it a habit opening up almost on a daily basis no?

Haney darlings! You know no? these me Colombian's Colombytes, they will doll up and even hang a umbrella by the side to add reason to their fashion.

But it was a day of observance and remembering as the so called 'young blood' went into action, caught up under me Colombian's observing gaze, reminding me Colombian that AIDS Day was unsafely, safe sex away.

The khaki types were all over the place having a good time of their own as the young offsprings of me Colombian's Colombytes were all strewn around in their scandalous splendour, specially the young girls dear.

Oh Dear! me Colombian wanders whether these young misses parents have no imagination whatsoever as the way most of them were dressed they have hardly left anything to anybody's imagination, for that matter.

Oh Darlings! The boys were freaking out, not only the young ones? even 'The Old Boys' as they call themselves; were even worse. But that darlings has nothing to do with their 'prowess after 40' syndrome that most men suffer by and through too.

It is just that they are so boring at home the wives look for other better things to do (Old Girls Union, Cat Club, Outer Wheel or Junta Club work) rather than encourage their husbands' failing libido, which they themselves fail to own up to.

Hmmm.... it is true meya that the Don Juan that go around talking and making their carnal desires noticed in public are the ones who have 'missed the point' long time back that their wives 'don't miss the point any more'.

So these aging Don Juans, who are gracefully called 'Old Boys' go on a rampage thinking that the girls are 'still' after them and try hard to hit a target with something that's, soooo faultily blunt Meya!

But with the way these young lassies are dressed Dear! They seem to be interested in encouraging the whole of the male fraternity coming after them.

Looking as if they are suffering from the '16 to 60 syndrome' at such a young age, unless they were looking for a lift back home at that late hour, standing outside those carnival gates.

But me Colombian wanders if these are the types that end-up looking for a 'lift in their lives', even in their old age? As this lady who lives in this posh abode in me Colombian's Colombo.

As this lady lives a life of total 'undeclared isolation' after her husband's long past demise, living with a mind and body both still seeking some companions company. Seeking me Colombian's advice?

The lady, now in her sixties; asks "What shall I do Deaaar?" and wants to know whether it will look a little over the top, if she advertised her whim in the marriage columns of Daily News' Akka, The Sunday Observer.

Me Colombian who is an expert of saying where to insert the classified rather than advise the old dame of things that can sooth her body and mind and where to find it, so I told the eager lady that the Akka 'Observer' was the best solution.

The lady preferred to insert the advertisement on her own. May be she was feeling too embarrassed of me Colombian reading the way she put down her wants and needs on paper.

One fine Sunday morning me Colombian gets a frantic call from my love bitten, over-aged Colombyte lady saying that her classified need has been inserted in the most unsuitable section of the classifieds. It has appeared in the end of the column under the heading 'Personal' which sounds quite normal in connection to what the lady was looking for?

But dears, as the Sunday Observer's personal column does not carry cell-phone numbers of advertisers who seek to meet their companions at some hotel room or the other or offer massages 'At your place or mine' as in some weekend papers, this poor ladies request too has ended up in the space that offers hired transport or 'Lifts' to office workers and school children.

Reading it, the lady was agog saying that she will never find what she was looking for after what has happened.

So! Here I was again trying to help one of my Colombytes by saying some soothing words to her comfort.

It was my declaration that her request was planted in the most suitable column "How come" she snarled and me Colombian kept my cool while saying "My dear! while every body else in there was looking for a 'Lift' to and from some office or a school. You, My Dear! you were looking for a 'Lift' in your life?"

But she was all mad about it, saying that I am no good friend 'because I did not collaborate properly to find the man of her dreams'.

But I further consoled her saying that since she haven't pointed out particularly the kind of qualifications the man of her dreams should process? one of the van drivers plying his van up and down from where ever to where ever will apply for the vacancy.

After all, isn't that what we read mostly in the newspapers these day, of how waiting mothers of young school children are found in the waiting arms of young van drivers, while some Guest House or lodge was rounded up by the Police.

Hmmm... so I told my dear Colombyte lady in her sixties that she will have to be content with what came along and nothing did.

Not until she decided to get further advice from me Colombian and dolled up to join me the other day, to go along to the Carnival by those old boys at the former place where the horses were running and a former, former, former one from the Cabinet was also caught running.

This time behind. Well, well it was all good news for my lady of sixty as she greeted some rather brawny looking man whom she claimed was one of her husband's friends and widowed (Both sound comfortable options, don't they?)

The next best declaration she made to me Colombian is that " I actually first met him long before I married my husband, while I was only sixteen". She said with a wilful glee giving the man the glad eye.

All that hit me Colombian's mind is that 16 or 60, with the 1 following 6 or 6 following 0, this couple that met after a lapse of time looked as if they were at sixes and sevens at present probably. But to be sorted out later. Hmmm.....

While wishing the lady at sixes and sevens with her newly found 'Manly Hope' (who, me Colombian noticed had a glad eye for those young chicks that were parading outside the carnival gates, showing of the maximum attired in the minimum) me Colombian would like to remind the young guys and gals that carnival time had got off with a bang and all of me Colombian's Colombytes will join the fun too, as much as it is carnival time in the city, today is world AIDS day too and contributing to it by being a victim is most unwelcome.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Sri Lanka

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