Angulimala - 54:

Angulimala Thera depressed over his inability to help the expectant mother

BUDDHISM: As he walked back towards Jetavana Monastery, his mind was engulfed with misery over his inability to do anything to overcome the pregnant mother's grave condition. His heart was weighed down over the sad reality of human suffering.

He questioned repeatedly "How do human beings suffer? How much do they have to suffer? How can I help this suffering mother? How can I help the unborn baby who is about to die? It could not have done any harm or wrong to anyone.

Why should an innocent, yet-to-be-born baby suffer such a cruel fate? In the past, I had killed so many innocent people. May I have the strength now to save lives and be a worthy disciple of the Buddha."

He returned to Jetavana Monastery and reported to the Buddha about the morning's sad incident in the village. The Buddha noticed Angulimala Thera's troubled state of mind as he approached Him. He also recognised the deep compassion.

Angulimala Thera had for the expectant mother's unbearable suffering. He felt compassionate for Angulimala Thera's sadness to do anything to alleviate the expectant mother's prolonged labour pains and to save her and the unborn baby.

From His insightful wisdom, He saw that the situation of the pregnant mother was also an opportunity for Angulimala Thera to redeem his reputation among the village folks. He knew that once they changed thier negative attitude towards him, they would become more willing to accept him and offer him dana when he went on Pindapata in the future.


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