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Hemantha, Sriyalatha win Tangalle cycle race

CYCLE RACE: Janaka Hemantha of Sri Lanka Navy won the second stage of the Tangalle Cycle Tour which was organised to mark one year of President Mahinda Rajapaksa's Presidency.

The second stage which commenced from Tangalle and ended at Werawila covered a distance of 146 kilometres Janka Hemantha was also declared the overall winner of the Tour. He clocked a time of eight hours 12 mts 36 secs for both stages.

Asnaka Sanjeeva who won the first stage from Colombo to Tangalle finished fifth in the overall standing. Pradeep Kumara, Suwaris Premachandra and Meemanage Perera were the runners up to Heamtha. Fifty two riders faced the starters orders on day two.

The riders were together for nearly 20 kilometres from where the bunch broke into two. Riders has to face many difficulties as the route was not conducive for cycle many riders has to undergo technical problems and a few pulled out of the race but same continued after overcoming the problems. These mishaps saw the race breaking into many bunches of riders.

The leaders bunch consisting of eight riders kept on moving steadily, and also kept on increasing their lead. After the completion of 100 kilometres once again three riders could not keep pace with the others.

The four riders in front maintained their position until the end. Hemantha was ahead only by a second. Thirty nine competitors completed the second stage an day two.

Janaka Hemahta won two sprints at Barawakumbuka and the final at Weerawila, while Meemanage Perera won the second sprint at Miriggwila. All events were sponsored by Dialog Telecom.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa was to distribute the awards yesterday. The bad weather became the spoiler and the organisers had to postpone the awards ceremony.

The organisers decided to hold the awards ceremony this week at Temple Trees under the patronage of the President.

U.D. Sriyalatha Wickramasinghe won the women's race which was conducted from Tangalle to Weerawila. The two riders from Ratnapura - Ayesha and Dilrukshi Samaraweera sisters finished behind Sriyalatha. The race which commence at Tangalle opposite Carlton House saw over 20 women riders taking part.

They were all in a bunch for over 20 kilometres. The bunch broke off at this point with about five riders falling to keep pace with the others.

But the first bunch of riders kept on moving together for more than 10 kilometres more. None of the riders made an attempt to go ahead and all were riders at the same speed which could be described as a fine display of cycling which also proved that all riders have reached an equality of standard.

The finish of this race was a close one with Sriyalatha edging out the other two riders by few inches. Even the two runners up were seen finishing with equal timing. Their time being recorded 2 hours 16 mts 51 sec.

Results Men: 1. Janaka Hemantha (Sri Lanka Navy) 8.12.56, 2. Pradeep Kumara (SL Army) 8.12.57, 3. Suwaris Premachandra (SL German Friendship Club) 8.13.05, 4. Meemanage Perera (SL Army), 8-14.45, 5. Asanka Sanjeeva (SL Police) 8.16.58, 6. Sanjaya Krishantha (SL German Friendship Club) 8.17.06, 7. Janaka Wijesinghe (SL Army 8.17.11, 8. Damith Manchanayake (AJ Milton) 8.19.41, 9. Aith Shantha (SL Army) 8.19.41, 10. Wasantha Harischandra (SL Army) 8.19.43.

Sprint winners: 1. Janka Hemantha (18 points), 2. Meemanage Perera (14 points), 3. Asanka Sanjeeva (13 points).

1. U.D. Sriyalatha Wickramasinghe 2.16.51, 2. Ayesha Sumanaweera 2.16.51, 3. Dilrukshi Sumanaweera 2.16.51, 4. Lasanthi Gunetilleka 2.16.51, 5. W.K. Pushparani 2.16.51, 6. Niroshin Perera 2-16.51, 7. Nilaka Shyamali 2.16.51, 8. Ashoka Shiromali 2.16.51, 9. Kushani Dulrin 2.16.51.



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