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TALKS are on again in Geneva. There is hope as always. The Government delegation was upbeat when I met them on Saturday morning and they continued to be upbeat on Saturday night after the talks and also on Sunday morning before they left the hotel for talks. It was encouraging to see them like that.

I could see the diversity in the Government delegation with Ministers Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and Ferial Ashraff reaching out and also understanding and speaking Tamil fluently. Other members of the Government delegation expressed their views freely on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka.

There was laughter, there were smiles and hard talk. Former Inspector General of Police Chandra Fernando always carried a bagful of documents. He said " I was always asked to be prepared".

Senior lawyers H.L. de Silva and Gomin Dayasiri were seen busy working on some files. Team leader Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva was always thoughtful and prepared while Minister Rohitha Bogollagama and Peace Secretariat Chief Dr. Palitha Kohona were facing the international media.

They had no hatred, they had no animosity and they spoke on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka, all Sri Lankans. They were all working through the night and it is no exaggeration. Like some Rag Leaders say the delegation or we scribes here don't sing for our supper but work for our supper.

We also know who has been singing for his supper for a such a long time for a diem or two. Meetings, debates, arguments and discussions are part of it. It is all done for Mother Lanka.

Because most of us don't want to see Mother Lanka weep or bleed because she is ours and we are her children. We need to live peacefully, we need to sleep peacefully and we cannot do that by dividing a nation or its people by betrayal.

President Rajapaksa with the support of the UNP has brought the country together since the beginning of the conflict. We must not stop at that. We must work together. Geneva is a long way to have come to talk peace. But, what was heartening that the talks went off till late and the discussions I am told were very candid and positive.

That is a positive sign alright. It is time then to move on from here. When do we see the LTTE agreeing to talk peace in our own country ? In a typical Sri Lankan setting with Thal Hakuru, Kottakelangu, Thalaguli, Mun Kauvan and Murukku and may be with some Thal ra and thellijja.

That will be the day all Sri Lankans will be waiting for with hope because peace has to dawn in Sri Lanka.

Peacefully Yours

Bandula JAYASEKARA in Geneva



Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Sri Lanka

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