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Tesco aiming to make Lanka key clothing hub

GARMENTS: Tesco, market leader in the UK and the third largest retailer is now in the process of making Sri Lanka one of the key clothing manufacturing and export hubs for Tesco its sources said.

"Tesco, is committed to develop, support and strengthen its relationships with major players in this part of the world and demonstrates our continuous faith in Sri Lanka as a source of quality garment for our customers worldwide," its International Sourcing Director- Christophe Roussel said.

He said that sourcing unit in Sri Lanka was able to record more than 60 per cent year on year growth promoted to increase more purchases in Sri Lanka especially the garment.

He said that one of the reasons that they decided to increase exports of garments from Sri Lanka that they have found that good workmanship, state-of-the art garment factories and follow good work ethics.

Roussel said that they have their own label and happy with the Sri Lankan suppliers who do a good job.

Further it has the fastest time in the region to reach shipment from Colombo to Southampton, which is 13 days to reach them.

He said their department store sold more than one billion Pounds worth of cloths in UK, alone which has an acute demand for Sri Lankan garments due to its quality.

He consider that Sri Lanka as a more export pool of excellence which added value for garment due to short transit point and low end to end cost where the products are concerned.

Conventionally reckon for its range, the company has considerably expanded its non-food sector offering customers excellent value and choice through a range of store formats and ranges from value to finest, he said.

Roussel said that apart from the garments they are willing to purchase tea from Sri Lanka since the company's core business is the food business.

They used to purchase tea for their outlet high quality tea which come originally from the manufacturing country to give their customers a value for money service.

Further, Tesco is willing to purchase more processed food from Sri Lanka such as pineapple and papaw, he said. Tesco at present operates over 2700 stores in 13 markets with cumulative staff strength of 366,000 worldwide who serve over 30 million customers every week.

The company has been steadily expanding its international presence over the past eleven years affirmed by the fact that they are market leader in six countries including their home turf, UK and also heavily invest in USA as well.


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