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Jana Pubudu loans granted to 190,000 Samurdhi families

COLOMBO: The Government under the Jana Pubuduwa multi-pronged development drive has already provided Rs.5,248 million worth credit facilities to 190,611 Samurdhi beneficiary families to commence self- employment ventures.

Under the Jana Pubuduwa programme, the Samurdhi and Poverty Alleviation Ministry launched the Jana Pubuduwa credit scheme in 2004 providing a helping hand to Samurdhi recipient families to commence various business ventures and develop their existing income generating avenues, Samurdhi and Poverty Alleviation Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi told the Daily News yesterday.

Due to the progress achieved by Jana Pubuduwa credit scheme, Samurdhi Bank societies have been able to grant Rs.5,248 million worth loans, from 2004 to date, she said.

According to the Minister, Rs.1,873 million worth Jana Pubudu loans have been provided to 61,644 Samurdhi beneficiary families only during the first nine months of this year.

Under the Jana Pubuduwa development drive, financial assistance will be provided to Samurdhi beneficiary families to start ventures to establish them in gainful employment in the areas of agriculture, industries, animal husbandry, fisheries, marketing and other support services.

Samurdhi Banks spread throughout the country have come forward to lend financial assistance to Samurdhi beneficiary families.

Credit facilities from Rs.10,000 upto a maximum Rs.100,000 will be granted to commence self-employment ventures, the Minister said.

In order to provide more relief measures to Samurdhi recipient families, the Government has reduced the 18 per cent annual interest rate charge on these loans up to 14 per cent.

The Jana Pubuduwa programme will not only provide credit to start self-employment ventures but also provide training and marketing facilities for Samurdhi beneficiaries to develop their business ventures, she said.

"The Government through the Jana Pubuduwa programme intends to bring Samurdhi beneficiaries out of their dependent mentality and assist them to become better entrepreneurs by identifying their various skills," the Minister said.


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