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No goals, but steady - Kasun

Kasun Kalhara Jayawardane, vocalist cum music composer, has introduced himself to film with his recent compositions to movies Aadaraneeya Vassanaya and Nilambare.

However, the artist is more or less reluctant to hurl himself to teledrama music. "It is a budgetary issue, I guess," explained Kasun, "I think I may be too demanding for teledrama producers."

This is Kasun's profile. He is son to late Malini Bulathsinhala and H. M. Jayawardena. A student of Ananda College, Colombo, started his musical career in 2000 with Indrachapa Liyanage, his colleague. He stole the hearts of Sri Lankan music fans with his single Haritha Nimnaye. Plays piano and guitar.

He was interviewed recently at his studio at Kohuwala on his achievements and how he reflects on his prospects for future and also how he feels about his successes and failures on his path. The 25-year-old artist is planning to release his third album in January, next year.

What does music mean to you?

"Music means a lot to me. That's how I describe myself. Music has an inner line. It also have qualities like richness and sensation. Music has the power to fascinate one's emotions."

How is the response from your fans for your first two albums Ananthaya and Radical Premaya?

"Very good. I think that the two albums contained musical phrases which appealed to everyone. I believe they had "songs with feelings."

And what can one expect from your new album?

"The new album will comprise songs based on Indian and Western Classical music. It is going to be different from my pervious work."

Kasun says that he does not target any particular audience for his songs. "I compose what sounds good to my ears and what makes me feel good.

I rely on doing something better for the audience to be felt by them. It is up to the listener to judge the work."

Your view on new wave musical trends? Is it for better or for worse?

"I think that media plays a vital role in familiarising any form of art in a country."

Is the influence of Hip-hop, Rap and House corrupting Sri Lankan music?

"It depends on how you handle the element. It's always wiser to let the Sri Lankan touch dominate our music."

Kasun said that he was inspired by music of Premasiri Kemadasa. "I think Maestro Premasiri Kemadasa gives unique definition to his work. His sense of music comes naturally.

Nadeeka Guruge who composed my song Radical Premaya, is another musician whom I think highly of."

Your goals?

"I have not set out any goals so as to call them great.

"But I am determined to carry on steadily with my work and never to fail.

"And all I want is to delight my listeners with my compositions."


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