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Joes felicitate Fairlie Dalpathado

St. Joseph's College Colombo Past Cricketers' Association felicitated one of their finest products Fairlie Dalapathado recently at Aitken Spence Tower amongst a distinguished gathering.

Fairlie excelled in both cricket and tennis and was a double international. He captained St. Joseph's cricket in 1942 and 1943. In the year 1943 the Josephians became undisputed schools champions. After leaving St. Joseph's he continued his cricketing prowess at SSC and Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) with much distinction. His contemporaries were the best men that Sri Lanka has ever produced, Mahadevan Sathasivam, F.C. de Saram, Ryle de Zoysa, Malcolm Spittel, Vernon Prins and Lucien de Zoysa to name a few.

Addressing the gathering the present St. Joseph's College cricket coach Harsha de Silva observed that he is unable to sum up in two or three verses of his mentor. "Sir you are noble to all of us and we were so fortunate to have a coach of your calibre. Next to express his views was well known cricket commentator Rohan de S. Wijeratne. "you made me a liking for cricket. The discipline you inculcated amongst us on and off the field is simply remarkable. It is undisputed that you are the most revered guru of St. Joseph's cricket." Concluded Rohan.

Rev. Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe in his speech mentioned that Fairlie Dalpathado had a true love and affection for his Almamater "He was one of the few devoted cricket coaches whom I have ever come across." Rev. Fr. Sylvester commended Fairlie's noble gesture since he was residing at St. Joseph's during his tenure of coaching.

In his speech Dalpathado thanked the past cricketers association of St. Joseph's and the organizing committee headed by Dr. Rohan Fernando and Tony Gunawardena for their wonderful gesture. He wanted the young Josephian cricketers to emulate their exemplary seniors, since his trademark for success was emulating the senior cricketers such as Robert Fernando and D.S. Jayasundara.

Blessed with a firm determination and sense of dedication, day in and day out Fairlie, Dalpathoda could be seen at the college cricket ground putting his charges through their paces. His genial manner and ready instinct for the game won him the admiration of the cricketers and the authorities.

His success as a coach is mirrored in the results achieved that we are all too well aware of. For his yeoman service as cricket coach St. Joseph's will always remember him with deep gratitude. We wish him good health and God's blessings.


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