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Army in full control of Muttur, environs

MUTTUR: Sri Lanka Army personnel in Muttur, Trincomalee and the suburbs, in the aftermath of intense offensives and fierce fighting with LTTE terrorists in the last few days, are now in full control of Mainland Muttur and its environs after dislodging all terrorists and restoring near normalcy in the affected areas, states Defence Ministry press release.

LTTE terrorists after the closure of Mavilaru sluice gates were awaiting the entry of troops to the area for a possible mass destruction, but the troops without falling victim to terrorist machinations, instead defeated the terrorist plans tactically while moving towards the sluice gates in a tactical manner.

Terrorists realising the shift of focus suddenly launched simultaneous attacks on three Army detachments in Mahindapura, Selvanagar and Kattaiparichchan using a heavy volume of both direct and indirect fire during the wee hours on August 2 from the un-cleared areas of Sampur. During the same evening, terrorists directed heavy fire and unsuccessfully tried to overrun the Muttur Naval Base, in the west of Muttur centre.

However, troops with aerial support outmaneuvered the terrorists and stabilized the situation later on after inflicting heavy casualties among the terrorists. In the wake of this, troops managed to chase a cluster of Sea Tigers who were trying to attack a troop carrier in Trincomalee on August 1.

Troops afterwards cleared several enemy pockets of infiltrated LTTE cadres in Muttur and established their positions. In the course of fierce battles, thousands of civilians were displaced, particularly after fleeing terrorists destroyed many homes and other public places, including Muttur and Serunuwara Hospitals.

Members of the Security Forces and the Police at that critical stage, regardless of heavy LTTE resistance jointly thwarted continuing terrorist onslaughts forcing them to withdraw and restored normalcy in the area, allowing resumed supplies to move into the area. In the confrontations, at least 300 terrorists were feared killed and another 250 injured. A total of 13 members of the armed forces died in the confrontations and another 78 suffered injuries.

However, with restoration of normalcy in Muttur and suburbs and also with entry of state and NGO agencies, troops are in full control of the town at present and busy assisting local authorities and others for resettlement of displaced civilians having guaranteed security arrangements.



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