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Three killed, ex-EPDP MP injured in blast

COLOMBO: Three persons were killed and eight others including former EPDP Parliamentarian S. Sivadasan injured when a bomb ripped through the vehicle transporting the ex-MP at Milagiriya yesterday.

The bomb, suspected to be concealed inside the vehicle, went off near St. Paul's Girls School, Milagiriya around 1.00 p.m., Defence officials said.

Among the dead was a two- year--old child who was on the road at the time of the incident and an official from the Ministerial Security Division, sources at the scene said.

There were also two bodies trapped inside the vehicle that was in flames.

National Hospital sources said four women and four men were admitted to the Hospital and except for one woman, all others were out of danger.

Sivadasan, who is also the Chairman of the Palmyra Development Board was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit together with the woman in critical condition.

Sivadasan, 67, had left his office at Dickman's Road and was on his way to his home in Madiwela when the explosion occured. He was a long standing member of the EPDP and had received several threats from the LTTE, an EPDP spokesman told the Daily News.

"LTTE terrorists are targeting EPDP members continuously. This was particularly so after the killing of the senior member of the EPDP Maha Kanpathipillai on July 25. This shows the LTTE's barbaric nature," the spokesman said.

The EPDP is well known locally and internationally for its services in the North and East. This reputation has angered the LTTE terrorists, he added.

The EPDP has the support of the government and the people. In contrast, the LTTE is trying to get the support of the people through their violence. More than 56 EPDP members have been assassinated by the LTTE since the CFA was signed and many of our members have been abducted, he emphasized. Sivadasan was a Tamil translator to the late Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike.

He was a member of Communist party before he joint the EPDP.

The injured are W.A. Fernando, Sasida, K.J. Chandrasiri, Ranjani Kalahari, Shamika Kavindi, Wijesena, K. Sureshan.



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