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True face of the LTTE

Several patriotic senior citizens, many nationalist organisations, a section of the Buddhist Monks, a few right thinking Christian dignitories, some political entities - viz. the JVP and JHU (all of whom could understand and see reality in its correct perspective - not being blinded by imaginary illusions, power or money) have, over the years, expressed their frank opinion and studied views through the mass-media, specially the local newspapers, at several seminars and Conferences held, both here and abroad and at several world forums on the raging LTTE terror unleashed with impunity.

All these expressions had, most unfortunately, fallen on deaf ears of our rulers and the opposition as well as our top-bureaucracy since 1990.

Two very interesting and pertinent articles appeared in the 'Daily News of May 5' and 'Sunday Observer of July 23' respectively - both written by moderate and fair-minded Tamil scholars under the captions 'Are young Tamils aware of Prabha's antecedents?' and 'Prabhakaran leads Tamils to destruction'.

We salute these two writers for the bold stand taken and the candid opinion expressed without fear or favour.

The two letters above mentioned must receive the immediate and top-most priority of our politicians, rulers, Opposition, the so-called 'Peace-Mongers', NGOs, the world community as well as Norway and Japan. At least then, they will probably descend from the balconies of the 'Ivory Towers' that they so comrfotably live in amidst full security - whilst the poor soldiers, innocent civilians etc. are at the receiving end of these blood-thirsty terrorists and come to terms with reality, not merely by word, but by deed, indeed.

We remember that veteran Tamil Leader V. Anandasangaree once calling to annihilate the LTTE, Minister Douglas Devananda calling Prabhakaran an Animal, Col. Karuna Amman calling Prabha a megalomanic Hound who take sadistic pleasure in seeing 'blood' even of his own men, Rasiyah Thurairajah of EPRLF calling Prabha a Beast and now T. Ananda Comaraswamy calling him by all the names he richly deserved to be called, viz. Bandit, Murderer, Coward.

All these fair-thinking moderate Tamils and many others have explained in deep and great detail how Prabhakaran gradually and systematically lead the Tamil community living in Sri Lanka to destruction. Prabha and his blood-thirsty cohorts of the like of Anton Balasingham, S. P. Tamilchelvam, Daya Master, Police Chief Nadesan, Intelligence Chief Pottu Amman, Sea-Tiger Chief, Soosai et al have all been branded by above Tamil Leaders as uneducated, un-civilized crude thieves of the first order.

They have time and again reminded one and all that the word 'Peace' is anathema to Prabha and he will never ever settle for anything less than a 'separate State of Tamil Eelam' come whatever promises the LTTE may make amidst heavy pressure from within and outside.

They have repeatedly re-iterated never ever to believe anything promised by the LTTE leadership afore-mentioned.

Mr. Comaraswamy has, for the first time in the last century, come out with what others dodged to answer right throughout from the early 20th century.

They always lamented that the Tamils are being discriminated against their basic human-rights infringed upon by the majority Sinhala race from the early 1900s and that is why they have taken to an Armed struggle in order to win their rights to live honourably.

He has rightly endorsed what the 'Lord Soulbury Commission Report of 1945' said in summing up its chapter VIII titled 'Discrimination' that it appears the Tamils are a more privileged and favoured community than the majority race; by asserting that the only discrimination was the standardization of exams which prevented Tamil children from obtaining gainful employment opportunities.

He very firmly stresses that in all other spheres, 'Tamils have had more than their fair share of equality of status'. He had gone on to name many Tamils who held top-most positions in all sectors of public life and who still holds same, amdist this allegation of 'discrimination'.

He goes on to strongly and in no uncertain terms condemn the so-called Tamil Intelligentsia who are living abroad as people without 'intelligence and common sense' for their part in helping the terrorists amass wealth (whether by force, threats or other means) to destroy the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

Mr. Siva Pasupathy and the crowd may please take note of this.

He has appealed to the Government to consider the only 'discrimination' and right the wrong forthwith which the Government must take note of seriously and act upon.

Volumes can be written about LTTE (terrorists) activities as well and placidly explained by the aforesaid Tamil leaders from time to time over the years, sadly to no avail.

Those who matter, and those in authority are deaf, dumb and blind to reality - for their petty personal and political gain by holding a whole country to ransom with a view to appease a bunch of ruthless terrorists of the worst order and the so-called International Community - being afraid to lose billions of dollars aid bait by the IC. Enough is enough!

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Share Market blues

After the train bombs the Mumbai Share Market returned to normal on the following day. With a major war on, Lebanese market restarted this week. In Sri Lanka local investors vanish after just one hand grenade. Are some interested parties manipulating this situation (to create a bad impression on the ruling party?)

Colombo 6

Israeli invasion of Lebanon

The 'International Community' which attacked Afghanistan and Iraqi and are now threatening Iran and N. Korea, supposedly to make the world safer, is nowhere to be seen to save Lebanon.

As in the 1982 Israeli invasion, where half of Beirut was destroyed with US connivance, the US emerges again as the ArchSatan.

The US cast their Veto six times, encouraging the Israeli butchery. Coverage of the invasion, the destruction and the suffering, by the US media was low key, to keep the US public in the dark.

The Lebanese PM Rashid Karamic openly blamed the US for their hypocrisy. But was this a victory for Israel? Lebanese Jews who had lived there for centuries all fled to Israel. Likewise 10,000 fled yemen and 5000 Morocco.

Where once they had lived free, from Biblical times, in an area over millions of sq. miles, from Turkey to N. Africa, now they are not welcome anymore.

This writer was working for a Lebanese Company, Saudi Oger in 1982.


Trains eternally late

Passenger trains are supposed to run to a strict time schedule. Then why are they late all the time? What is the logic behind this and why are the concerned authorities so complacent and perhaps unconcerned over the fate that has befallen the once efficient Railway Department.

In all probability they do not perhaps wish to disturb the Trade Unions that rule the roost in this country today. They, the Unions seem to have the last say on all matters.

This is something serious and needs to be addressed immediately at higher levels.

Either the trade unions are allowed to have their own way or that the rule of law takes precedence.

When a train runs late there is bound to be always a chain reaction which boomerang heavily on the commuter. With the recent time revision with regard to the working hours both at offices and schools and the Railway Department adjusting their times accordingly, matters have taken a turn for the worse particularly for schoolchildren who now spend more time at railway stations than at schools.

As a case in point, Gampaha has a large concentration of schools and by about 1.40 in the noon, the station is fully packed with schoolchildren with a sprinkling of teachers.

The first available down train after schools close has a peculiar time setting not common among other trains. The departure time of this train varies by the day. One day the time indicator says 2.19, the next day it is 2.17 and the days that follow, something like 2.14, 2.08, 2.10, etc., very funny indeed. This means that the students have to spend more than 3/4 of an hour at the station, many even foregoing their lunch in the process. In the above circumstances, my suggestion that this train should arrive at Gampaha at 2 p.m., which I believe is the most convenient time for all and in particular for those students who have to continue their journey on the Negombo/Chilaw Line from Ragama where a train, scheduled time is 2.30 p.m. All will be benefited if this practical suggestion is implemented, which I believe merits the consideration of the Minister as well as the authorities of the Railway Department.

J. I. Rosairo,



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