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Funds to provide facilities to threatened villages

COLOMBO:The Government has allocated a sum of Rs. 50 million to provide basic amenities and common facilities to people living in threatened villages in the Anuradhapura District including the displaced people following recent LTTE terrorist attacks in Kebithigollewa.

National Development Deputy Minister D.M. Dassanayake disclosed this fact when he addressed a media briefing at the Anuradhapura District Secretariat yesterday to explain the media the steps envisaged to protect and develop the vulnerable villages of the North Central Province.

North Central Province Chief Minister Berty Premalal Dissanayake was associated with the Deputy Minister on this occasion.

Addressing the Media, the Deputy Minister said that on the instructions of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, a sum of Rs. 25 million has already been released to provide drinking water, dry ration including canned fish and medicine for first aid and also a water bowser for the people of these areas.

These activities are now in progress under the supervision of Chief Minister Berty Premalal Dissanayake.

He said that a further sum of Rs. 25 million will be released soon to clear the jungle land and broaden the roads in the threatened villages including Kebithigollewa and a dozer, a tipper and a motor grader will be provided to facilitate these protective and constructive measures.

A homeguard will be selected and trained from each household.

Deputy Minister Dassanayake told the media that approximately 75 per cent of the expected development work in these areas have already been completed and the government is totally dedicated to complete the balance within the remaining Rs. 25 million.

The Deputy Minister accompanied by NCP Chief Minister and officials visited the villages of Kebithigollewa, Padaviya and Weli-oya to meet the residents and inquire after their health and needs.



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