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SLIM to reward marketing research

AWARD: The "Power of the People" (POP) Award will be launched soon by Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) in collaboration with AC Neilsen.

SLIM is a body incorporated by an Act of Parliament and is the national body of marketers. AC Nielsen in one of the leading Market Research agencies in the world. These two organisations have got together to offer the best possible recognition award in the country.

This will be the second time that SLIM will use marketing research to identify the popularity of people, brands, communication providers, etc and the first time SLIM has collaborated with AC Neilsen on an award scheme.

This year it has gone one step of further by tracking the popularity over a period of time, thereby taking off the recency factor which was one major weakness in the previous awards scheme.

In addition to this major shift POP Awards will be more aligned to marketing which includes branding and advertising.

This awards scheme will be carried out scientifically and the awards will be genuinely representative as one need not apply for this awards scheme.

This makes it an even playing field for all categories and it is the final consumer who will decide on the winners. Therefore it is your awards scheme which will be judged by you. The winners will enjoy the status only because you have selected them.

All winners would be allowed to carry the logo in their products and stationery with the year of recognition clearly and visibly placed as a part of the logo. This would add value to their products, services, companies, etc.

A random sample of 5000 will be used to obtain the necessary data to conduct the research.

This survey was carried out from January to May 2006. There will be 26 categories in this awards scheme.

The award ceremony is scheduled for July 2006.



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