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Duminda Silva re-remanded

COLOMBO: Western Provincial Councillor Duminda Silva was identified as the person who caused injuries to a American woman sailor and assaulted two other American Security Officers of the US Embassy at a night club, by them at an identification parade held at the Colombo Magistrate's Court before Additional Magistrate Ms Darshika Wimalasiri yesterday.

Colombo Chief Magistrate and Additional District Judge Kusala Sarojini Weerawardana extended the remand of Duminda Silva yesterday till June 9 following submissions made by Senior State Counsel (SSC) Gihan Kulathunga that there were others to be taken into custody with regard to this incident.

Granting bail to Duminda Silva would affect the process to take them into custody. SSC Kulathunga also submitted that Duminda Silva was already on bail in three separate cases and this was his fourth time of pleading for the granting of bail. He objected to the granting of bail to Duminda Silva since he had a tendency to commit another crime.

Duminda Silva was taken into custody by the Colombo Crime Division (CCD) while he was being treated at a private hospital on May (30) for allegedly causing injuries to an American female security officer Sigrid Iksha Rivara and assaulting two male security officers Wilbur Lon Lamton and Solmons employed at the American Embassy as security, officers at a night club on May 26.

Defence Counsel Anil Silva submitted before Court that the State Counsel's objection for granting bail was contradictory to law.

The Defence Counsel said that when his clients lady friend went to the Kollupitiya Police to complain about the sexual harassment they were refused to entertain the complaint.

Thereafter she returned to the Cinnamon Gardens Police to make the complaint.

The police who was taking notes of the complaint stopped their task midway and refused to continue. She thereafter made the complaint at the Police Headquarters. The Police did not take any action to investigate into that complaint.

The Defence pleaded with the Court to grant bail to Duminda Silva on any grounds. The Judge observed that the Court could not extend his remand continuously and ordered the Police to complete the investigation soon. The Colombo Chief Magistrate ordered the Police to conduct a separate investigation into that incident and submit a report before Court. Attorneys-at-Law Anil Silva, Nalinda Indatissa and Kalinga Indatissa, Chathura Galhena, Hemantha Gamage, Prasad Liyanarachchi and Ms Lakshika Fernando appeared for Defence while SSC Gihan Kulathunga appeared for the prosecution.



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