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Acts of bravery

OUR brave, well trained, sailors and airmen rose to the occasion in the recent sea battle and their dedication to the Motherland saved the lives of 710 soldiers averting a colossal disaster.

The Tiger terrorists brainwashed by their warped thinkers selected to attack the troop ship on the Vesak Day, as it would have a telling effect on the vast majority of Sri Lankans.

The terrorists marshalled their suicide sea cadres in a flotilla of 15 boats and ambushed the troop transporter at the command of psychopath Prabhakaran, killers Pottu Amman and Tamil Selvam who always relish the smell of blood.

Their objective was to ram the troop ship and massacre 710 sons and daughters of Mother Lanka who have dedicated their lives to the protection of the civil society of Sri Lanka.

According to the reports, it was a pitched battle with our brave sailors giving no quarter to the terrorists on a suicide mission put together by their criminal leaders.

For the terrorist cadres with their cyanide capsules and the pistols aimed at their heads it was indeed a battle without any return path. In this scenario, their orders were to stall the Navy's defensive attacks and ram the troop ship for Prabahkaran to celebrate the Vesak Day massacre of hundreds of Sri Lankan soldiers.

Our brave sailors stood up to the expectations of the nation destroying the enemy and compelling Prabakaran to eat humble pie and forcing him to comprehend that the inertia of the nation brought by the 'peace' that Norwegians facilitated is a thing of the past.

In short, 'the daring' suicide sea cadres of the LTTE were annihilated. The troop ship reached the destination with soldiers re-dedicating themselves to fight and destroy the menace obstructing the progress of the nation.

In a battle which will be remembered by the grateful Sri Lankans , the heroic Sons of Mother Lanka who were in Navy boat P418, led by Lt Com E.A.L.P Edirisinghe, Sq Ldr R.M.D.H.S Ratnayake and 15 other valiant Navy men and an Army Signals Officer laid down their lives in true military tradition of 2500 years of Sri Lanka.

Their achievement cannot be forgotten as the terrorists' objective was to make a watery grave for 710 .army men and snatch a bloody advantage in the continuing cycle of terrorism faced by the country.

The family members - wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of the fallen heroes must receive the attention of the Government and the nation at large as they should not feel that they have no one to care for them.

While the nation shares the grief of the dead heroes, the other brave Navy men who were in the thick of action at this crucial battle deserve a big bouquet of thanks from all Sri Lankans.

In the Naval boats, P 421, P 497 and P 420 commanded by Lt Com M.A Wijewardane, Lt R.J. Walgampaya.

Lt R.M.L Rathanatilleke and their brave men successfully fought the enemy suicide cadres while protecting the troop transporter and establishing that this war against the Tiger terrorists is WINNABLE with men of high calibre who are devoted to the nation.

The time has come for the nation to decide not to depend on the evasive facilitator, the double tongued international community, the deaf friends, the non-starter SLMM but to rise with the determination to defend oneself against the Tiger terrorists.

As a responsible Government, the time is up to be pro-active in the fight against this bunch of criminals. Any further flirtation with so called CFA will only lead to more deaths of civilians and members of the defense forces who are expected only to react to the terrorist killer plans.

Sri Lankans owe much to the brave defense force personnel like late Cpl Yakandawala and the Navy's heroes and all others who paid the supreme price holding high the pride of the nation.

The men and women in the tinsel-set of the City of Colombo and all ordinary Sri Lankans should spare a thought for the family members of the dead defense personnel as the very existence of commerce, trade or nay other economic or social activity needs security and the protection from Tiger terrorist attacks.

Let not the supreme sacrifices made by the members of our defense forces go unnoticed, uncommemorated .

- Melbourne

The Norwegians

WHY are we such a shortsighted, ungrateful Nation? Have we considered the massive amount of aid and assistance the Norwegians have given us; their constant commitment to our 'Cause'; the humble manner in which they expend their energy, time and money on our behalf: to buffer, to risk their lives and to stand up to all the vile criticisms hurled against them?

It is we who have bungled the Peace Process, antagonized the 'enemy' that had grown less of an enemy due to the strategy of the Norwegians and later the Japanese and others in the International community.

The very delicate progress that had future hope was clumsily toppled by power-hungry politicians who ruined our chance of peace, and instead re-established enmity and doubt re the unchangeable nature of a Sinhala anti-Tamil mind.

How can you blame them now for crying 'Eelam'? It is our fault and not the fault of the Norwegians who are being used as a scapegoat.

No boasting and bragging do the Norwegians do about the aid they have given us or the enormous amount of long-term benefits they have in store for us; no garrulous behaviour,nor complaints against any of our people as we complain about them!

That is their National Culture! In fact, if they stayed home in Norway without helping us, they would be far better off! Like us, the love of money is not in them.

We perceive them and others who help us to be after our resources - judging them by our standards. They can well do without us: without our 'anticipated' off-shore oil, our harbours and our salmon!

Perhaps, it is simply a question of our incompatibility. Of course, they are not perfect .... they have made mistakes along the way. Haven't we? Isn't it our grave mistakes and utter selfishness that has brought us to this vile state? Or is this compatibility because they are Christian, they are rich and generous and they speak English better than we do - and we are extremely jealous?

They came because we invited them; and they will leave when we ask them to go. Therefore, they are our guests who should receive the hospitality our cultured nation is famous for - or, have we transformed into an uncivilized, nation of war-mongers, grabbers with animal like wild, irreligious behavioural attributes that are driving us into the pit of hell? Help! We are drowning ... is there no one out there? No. "The Proud shall Fall, and we have! We are getting what we deserve.

- Kandy

Galle Fort

THERE was a paper report saying that the wall of Galle Fort has been damaged and nothing has been done so far about it. Infact the Fort should be protected as this has been declared as world famous ancient thing.

Infact Galle is my native place and during my school days I used to come to Galle town from my village to have a look at the Fort and the Galle harbour because such beautiful things are not seen every where in Sri Lanka.

I am now living in Colombo but am unable to forget beautiful things like the Galle Fort. At the same time most of the foreigners who come to Sri Lanka prefer such places. That is why we must save them.

During my school days most of the Government officers and courts were housed there and authorities wanted to protect the fort at that time. I do not know why now the Galle Fort is having stepmotherly treatment.

M. G. Asoka Karunaratne
- Pannipitiya

Economic blockade

I totally agree with every word written by A. A. M. Nizam in his article 'Address the terrorists in a language they understand'.

Why are we supplying electricity, water, diesel and other supplies to these terrorists. Is it so that can come out of their hiding place and blow us to bits at their convenience? This is very simple an economic blockade of the Wanni.

Economic blockades are done worldwide by Western Governments when they find that a country doesn't live by civilized standards required by all of us. This is not something new.

Let those who are not terrorists leave the Wanni with their families and come and live with us. Others who give up their terrorists ways can also do so.

Those left behind are the hardcore terrorists, let them grow their own food and supply themselves with their own fuel. I wonder how long the terrorism will last without food, water, fuel electricity and medicine.

This is the best approach.

No Governments could find fault with us. I am sure they will applaud us for our humanitarian approach to solve this complex and difficult problem with the least loss of life on both sides. I also like to see how long Tamilchelvam's smile will last on an empty stomach.

- Nugegoda



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