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AWAITING FOOD: A child orphaned by AIDS waits for food to be handed out at a United Nations farm school near Swazilandís capital Mbabane. The UNís Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) launched the junior farmer field and life schools in Mozambique in 2003 and has since opened schools in Kenya, Namibia and Zambia, targeting some 1,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 18. FAO has now launched the first phase of the project in Swaziland, starting with five sites but with plans to eventually reach 30,000 orphans at 1,250 schools. REUTERS

Third World to First World: is it possible?

What was the major difference between a developed and under-developed country that inhibits progress? The question was of vital concern to many organizations and governments, who over many years have donated and invested huge amounts of money in an attempt to close the gap.

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Charles Henry de Soysa - embodiment of humanity

Well over a hundred years ago, Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon), lost one of her greatest sons. He was a paragon of humankind, a peerless philanthropist and a prince of patriots. He was such a high-souled being that "time has only brightened a halo of reverence" around him.

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Pursuing academic excellence

Having served on the Board of Governors of Trinity College for the last couple of years, I was sorry to have missed their Prize Giving twice, so I made a special effort to get there this year, in the midst of more extended travels.

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Pursuing academic excellence

Importance of being a Sri Lankan Woman

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