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Arrested LTTEer says Tigers abducted him while at school

LTTEer Jesudasan Kamaladasan, 25, nabbed by the Security Forces has admitted that he was abducted and conscripted to the LTTE several years ago while studying in Grade 10 at Murugan College in Pesalai, Mannar before being given weapons training in Killinochchi for LTTE attacks.

He also claimed that he had been working as a barber and driver before being assigned to assault troops.

Kamaladasan was nabbed near the Mannar Hospital on Monday night when he was over powered by Security Forces.

Kamaladasan had flung a hand grenade at the troops and killed one soldier at the sentry point. Troops after retaliatory fire in self-defence, overpowered Kamaladasan and admitted him to the hospital under Police custody.

Kamaladasan who earlier claimed that he was a civilian from Eluthur in Mannar and was not responsible for the attack, later said he carried out the attack.

He said it was done on the orders of LTTE local leader Nixon in Mannar with whom he went around to identify duty points of the Security Forces and the Police earlier during the day before the grenade attack.



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