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Lanka benefited by Non-Aligned Foreign Policy - Prof. Warnapala

'OUR Non Aligned Foreign Policy helped receive an unprecedented international response in aftermath of the tsunami', said Parliamentary Affairs Minister Wiswa Warnapala.

He was speaking at the presentation of 100 scholarships to students affected by tsunami sponsored by the Trustees Tree Foundation of London at the BMICH recently.

Western Province Governor Alavi Mowlana was the guest of honour.

'Various dialogues I had with statesmen and world leaders during my tenure as the Deputy Foreign Minister amply demonstrated this," the Minister said.

This non-aligned factor paved the way to raise numerous assistance and financial cooperation to overcome the difficulties due to the tsunami, he said.

We need around US Dollars two billion to undertake the re-construction which could be met due to the enormous assistance from the international community, the minister said.

"President Rajapakse is committed to the non-aligned policy advocated by Sri Jawaharlal Nehru and S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike based on the principles of peaceful co-existence. , he said.

Sacha Zackariya, the Co-Founder and Trustee of the Foundation, Dr. M.M.M. Yehiya, the Country Director and A.H.M. Lafeer, Secretary of the Representative Board (Sri Lanka Operations) also addressed.

Hundred scholarships were awarded to schoolgoing children. Each child will get Rs. 24,000 for a year for three years. In addition to this a few undergraduates were also granted scholarships, each under-graduate will receive Rs. 48,000 for a year for three years.



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