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Pensions directly to pensioners' accounts

THE Government has implemented a system from January 1 to directly provide the pension to pensioners who face severe hardships and long queues at post offices or Divisional Secretariat offices to get their pensions.

Under the new mechanism formulated by the Public Administration Ministry, steps have already been taken to directly remit the pension to the savings accounts of pensioners who have accounts at People's Bank, Bank of Ceylon and National Savings Bank branches, Public Administration and Home Affairs Minister Dr.Sarath Amunugama said.

According to Minister Amunugama there are 430,000 pensioners. Therefore, the intention of the Ministry is to include all pension holders in this new system which will enable them to obtain the pension without any hindrance.

However, if some pensioner is not willing to enter this system, he will be allowed to obtain the pension from the Post Office or the Divisional Secretariat in his respective area.

"After receiving the receipt sent by the Divisional Secretariat, all pensioners have to go to the Post Office or Divisional Secretariat office to get their pension. Some receipts posted to these pensioners are not received by them on time.

In addition, there are two or three officers in each Divisional Secretariat offices to post these letters to pensioners, " the Minister said.

The intention of the Ministry is to stop sending letters to 430,000 pensioners by transferring their monthly pension directly to banks. The Pensions Department will directly remit the pensions to the pensioners' accounts.

Meanwhile, the banks will also provide special relief measures such as housing loans and other credit facilities to pensioners.

In addition, if the pensioners have saved a certain amount in their savings accounts without spending the entire monthly salary, special interest will also be paid for such savings, the Minister said.



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