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Hayleys Logventures convert marine containers for offices

Hayleys Logventures has successfully converted marine containers for use as site offices, workshops.

Several NGO who arrived in Sri Lanka for Tsunami reconstruction and had been on the lookout for suitable office accommodation with modern facilities such as air conditioning with large space, security and IT connectivity to their existing network.

They also need them in urgently. Constructing a conventional building in the existing land too was out of the question because of the urgency. Therefore finding an office was indeed a tall order.

Since converted containers looked the best possible solution Logiventures was entrusted the challenge of providing this international NGO with the office space it required with all their requirements. Within four weeks the NGO's was able to move to plush new two-storied office of 1,600 square feet.

Manager of Logiventures Huzri Farook, said that although the standard containers are 20 feet x 8 feet or 40 feet x 8 feet, the space provided is not limited to those dimensions. "Any area and design can be provided, the only limitation being the customers' imagination and any limitations of the site," he said.

Marine containers are weather proof and robust since they have been manufactured to withstand long journeys across seas in inclement weather conditions. Therefore they would last long with suitable maintenance.

Other than the office for the NGO, Logiventures has supplied converted containers to be used as site offices, workshops, staff rest rooms, shops with product displays.

These are complete with sanitary facilities, air conditioning, lighting and other amenities. "The potential therefore is almost unlimited, even to be used for housing if one so desires, particularly in remote locations where construction of conventional dwellings is difficult and time consuming. The key advantages are that they are movable and quickly deployable, Huzri concluded," he said.



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