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Of love and snakes:

Naga Kanya

THE latest movie to hit the local screen - "Naga Kanya" - is now being screened countrywide.

The film starring veteran actor Sanath Gunathilake and popular actress Dilani Ashokamala brings you a rather fascinating experience with a different theme.

Well-known actor Arjuna Kamalanath also plays a prominent role. Its director is A.A. Junaideen.

The film is woven around a newly married person named Saman (Sanath) who gets a new life over the killing of a cobra when he was a child.

A couple who had become cobras due to a curse is about to get human lives when the male cobra is killed to give life to Saman (Sanath) and the female cobra is determined to take revenge for this.

The hermit who cures the boy advises parents to send the boy out of the country as the female cobra is trying to kill him.

The parents send Saman to India in order to save his life where he marries Madhu (Dilhani), a young girl who comes to India to study music.

Despite opposition from Saman's mother, they come to Sri Lanka for a holiday.

The female cobra who was determined to take revenge now comes after the couple and finds that the easiest way to take her revenge is through Madhu.

The soul of the female cobra gets into the body of Madhu who thereafter becomes fully influenced by the cobra.

Saman's brother Jagath (Arjuna) who studies snakes suspects the unusual behaviour of her sister-in-law. Will his intervention be able to save the life of his brother?

The film is packed with tension with a cast of real snakes and the film would give a novel experience to the film lovers.

The film's script is also by Junaideen himself while the producer is P. Arooran.

The rest of the cast comprises M.K. Sudakar, K. Janaki, Harinath and Rex Kodippili. Camera is by Lalith Thomas.

Junaideen started his career in the middle of the 1960s as the script writer of the Sri Lanka's first local Tamil film "Taxi Driver" directed by T. Somasekeran. Thereafter, he contributed to over 20 locally made Tamil films.

Junaideen commented that he got the idea for this film from his long-standing university friend. "It was in my mind for a long period before turning into a script." Since now it is on ceulloid reels, you all can see and enjoy his creation which promises novel expereince to whole family.

Unplugged: Marians live-in-concert at BMICH

MUSIC lovers will avail the opportunity of watching quite a different performance by Marians led by Nalin Perera when "Unplugged " goes on stage at the BMICH today. ANCL is the principal media sponsor of the event.

Marians: songs with a different flavour

The concert mainly consists of new versions of old Sinhala, Hindi and English songs in addition to songs originally composed by the Marians.

It will allow local music lovers the opportunity of listening to new versions of old Sinhala, Hindi and English songs with a different flavour.

Nalin says the concert will be a trendsetter exploring new dimensions in music.

The songs which will be sung at the BMICH were originally presented as a concert on the anniversary celebrations of Sirasa FM and the overwhelming response at its maiden performance prompted Marians to make it a concert with a different identity.

He says that Marians are always associated with fast rhythms but this concert will be a different one.

"There is a large audience for this type of music and they are eagerly waiting for a concert with that flavour of music.

We thought of making these songs a concert on the basis of the good response we got for our first concert. The quality of Sinhala music has deteriorated, especially the music and songs over FM channels, he said.

This concert will offer a kind of music that can be emulated by amateur instrument players. "I believe somebody has to make a start and if I as the leader of Marians failed to make that start with such a pool of talented players, it is a crime.This will be wonderful concert with rich music and songs," Nalin noted.



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