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JVP calls upon all to help with tsunami reconstruction

THE JVP in a media release to remember the first anniversary of the tsunami catastrophe yesterday said on this occasion of remembering the loss of more than 40,000 lives in Sri Lanka as a result of the tidal waves of December 26, last year, there are a number of aspects that need our special attention.

The people ignored all manner of differences like race, caste and religion when they were moved by pity as a result of the devastation caused by the tsunami.

They united themselves to come forward to provide relief to their affected fellow beings.

There was solidarity and humanitarian spirit inherent in the magnanimous Sri Lankan Society, a feature which is gradually fading away.

The last year's tsunami was the toughest known in the human history. It killed approximately 225,000 people living in 11 countries. We remember the lost lives with great sympathy while the country at large is concerned with the onerous and sublime task of rehabilitating the survivors.

The JVP calls upon all and sundry to join hands resolutely to provide relief to the Tsunami victims of Sri Lanka, whose rehabilitation should be considered as the prime duty of each citizen of Sri Lanka, stated the JVP media release.

The JVP urged the Government to formulate and implement an accelerated programme to solve the problems of those who are yet languishing under helpless conditions as a result of the tsunami devastation.



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