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PM honours U. L. M. Mohideen for his political culture

The U. L. M. Mohideen Foundation is established in memory of the late U. L. M. Mohideen with the objectives of promoting art, charity, commerce, science and social culture.

The ceremonial inauguration of the Foundation was held recently at the B. M. I. C. H. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse was the chief guest at the occasion. The Ceremonial Inauguration with the opening address of the Chairman of the Foundation A. R. M. Faiz, Attorney-at-Law presently the Legal Expert to the Ministry of Defence of the Sultanate of Oman.

Faiz said that the very idea of establishing a foundation was mooted with the view to give life to his thoughts and words which had always been for the benefit of a civilized society. The indefatigable work of Mohideen towards the formation of a civilized society where men and women enjoy the gain of decency and advanced culture, should not be submerged by the fact that he is no more.

The 'Mission Incomplete' he said that he would call in his terms the life of Mohideen, would be recognised nationally perhaps as one of the significant epoch of human civilization whether as the life of a politician or a social worker when the history of this particular era of contemporary politics comes to be written at some future date.

Prime Minister in his speech said that the late U. L. M. Mohideen, in the commemoration of whose life we see a shiny example of a politician whose life was an expression of many of those values and virtues that need to be renewed once again in the main stream political culture of our country. Loyalty to a principle and a concomitant rejection of opportunism in politics is a hallmark of the late Mohideen's political life.

This is a norm to which we must all commit ourselves. Straight-dealing in politics and financial integrity were among his other virtues. He was never fond of money - and that is indeed a desired virtue for a political leader. But he was fond of the community he served, and very fond of knowledge.

The political life of U. L. M. Mohideen brings home to us several desired virtues of a politician which not so long ago - defined the political culture of our country. There is no better way to commemorate the eminent Muslim leader of the Ampara district, than to commit ourselves to a revival of our lost values and virtues: to commit ourselves to reinstall a value-led political culture, as desired by all right-thinking people in our country.

Minister of Healthcare, Nutrition and Uva-Wellassa Development Nimal Siripala de Silva, MP - Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

A. H. M. Fowzie, Alavi Mowlana the Governor, Western Province, P. Dayaratne M.P. former Minister of Power and Energy, Rauf Hakeem M.P. Leader, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, R. Balasubramaniam Attorney-at-Law, Chairman Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Colombo were the guest speakers. MP - Minister of Justice and Judicial Reforms John Senaviratne was also present at the occasion.

"THE LIFE OF U. L. M. MOHIDEEN" a biographical synopsis of the life of the Late U. L. M. Mohideen was also launched at this occasion.

The late U. L. M. Mohideen was a Member of Parliament in the 9th, 10th and 11th Parliaments of Sri Lanka. He represented the Digamadulla district. He was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Social Services in 2000.



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