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Further developments in peace process next week - Norway

There would be some developments in the peace front by next week, the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo said yesterday.

Norwegian Embassy spokeswoman Kejetsky Tromsdal said they were in constant contact with all the parties in the Sri Lankan peace process and they expect some developments by next week.

She reserved comments on the Sri Lankan Peace Secretariat's (SCOPP) answer with regard to the 14 day ultimatum of the LTTE on the issue of armed escort by Military forces during its cadres' movements in Government controlled areas.

The SCOPP issuing a release on Monday said they were not ready to receive an ultimatum from any party but stressed it would agree to provide armed escort for LTTE cadres on just one round trip each to Batticaloa and Trincomalee from Kilinochchi per month, as a confidence building measure. These escorts will accompany an SLMM officer.

SCOPP Chief Jayantha Dhanapala has pointed out to the SLMM Chief who conveyed this message to the LTTE, that the Government was not bound by the Ceasefire Agreement to provide armed escorts to the LTTE cadres.

In response to the Daily News query if there would be any positive developments in the peace process given that the Post-tsunami aid distribution mechanism, a major demand of the LTTE, is in place, she indicated that they were yet to receive a response from the LTTE.

Meanwhile, SCOPP Deputy Director General John Guneratne said they were expecting a response to the Government's message with regard to the issue of armed escort from the LTTE that has already been communicated to the LTTE Peace Secretariat through the SLMM Chief.



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