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Systematic program to reorganise Dhamma school education

A different section for the administration of Dhamma schools will be set up under the Ministry of Buddha Sasana to organise Dhamma school education on a systematic program, said Minister of Buddha Sasana, Law and Order and Public Security and Deputy Defence Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake.

Wickramanayake was speaking at a series of meetings of Heads of Dhamma schools and representatives of Pradeshiya Sasanaraksaka Mandalas to discuss ways and means of reorganising the Dhamma school education system.

The meetings were held at the auditorium of the Central Provincial Governor's Office Karalliyadda National School and Wickramabahu National School Gampaha.

He said the main objective of organising the workshops were to collect views and ideas of heads of Dhamma schools who had a very good experience and knowledge in Dhamma school activities, administration and teaching of Dhamma, so that the ministry could take into account the views and draw up a meaningful system of Dhamma school education.

The minister said although it was not very easy to go about the country and conduct workshops of this nature, he had decided to attend to them throughout the country as it was of great importance. Wickramanayake said he willingly participated in the meetings and took into consideration views expressed at the meetings and arrived at decisions.

The minister said arrangements will be made to declare Sunday as a day of Dhamma relevant to all religions in Common and Dhamma education of all religions would be treated equally without discrimination against any religion.

The Treasury had accepted in policy that funds spent on Dhamma education was an investment on development. Three thousand Dharmacharyas will be appointed in the near future. The Government has accepted that Dhamma school education will help build a complete society, Wickramanayake said.

Central Provincial Governor Monty Gopallawa also spoke.



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