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‘Priceless ball’ - made in Sri Lanka

Alston Koch, managing director of Fior Drissage in Australia holds a perfect made-to-scale diamond and gold cricket ball which has been brought to Australia to celebrate the start of the cricket season and the opening of their jewellery store, in Melbourne. Made with 2704 diamonds and 18 carat gold stitch, the ball was made in Sri Lanka and is the only one of its kind in the world. Koch is reluctant to put a price on the ball, saying it’s priceless. 

'Please release our father,' Dinesh's children plead with Iraqi abductors

by Manjula Fernando

The family of Sri Lankan hostage Dinesh Rajaratnam including his three children who has been abducted by suspected Iraqi militants will send a televised appeal to his abductors pleading for the safe return of their loved one.
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World AIDS Day focusses on women, girls and HIV/AIDS

World AIDS Day is an annual campaign to raise awareness of HIV AIDS worldwide and stimulate appropriate remedial action. It was first observed on December 01, 1988 following a recommendation by a summit of world health ministers.
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Trinco quiet

by Asanga Warnakulasuriya

Police yesterday reported Trincomalee was quiet following Monday's grenade blast which killed a bus passenger and injured three others.
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