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Nagesh, the great comedian

by S. Jegathiswaran

The name Nagesh has been very popular in the world of Tamil cinema. He was able to sustain the renown throughout his career due to his peculiar acting in the comedy sector. He hailed from an old, elite group of traditional comedians like T. S. Baliah, Chandrababu, K. A. Thangavel, V. K. Ramasamy, S. Ramasamy ('SO'), and Srinivasan whom I admire very much. His mannerism was of a high class.

He has the knack of changing his facial expression within twinkling of eyes. As far as I know, 'Sarvar Sundaram' (Steward Sundaram), 'Ethir Neechchai' (Counter Swimming), 'Kai Niraya Kasu' (Hand with full of money), are some films where he acted as a hero. In 'Sarvar Sundaram' he showed that after having gained the social status one shouldn't forget one's past.

In 'Ethir Neechchal' he showed how to overcome the challenges in our life and the harsh reality of it. In 'Kai Niraya Kasu' he conveyed the message of the crucial role of money. Here his role was a dual one (double acting).

He was a gossiper and a 'yes man' in 'Thilina Mohanambai' and finally repented for his errors. Often he played the role as a confidant of the hero and assisted him during a climax scene. Eg. 'Baghdad Peralaki' (The Beauty Queen of Baghdad). Here he assisted the hero (Ravichandran) to achieve his goals at an appropriate time.

In 'Iru Malargal' (Two Flowers) he was a school principal who had sympathy towards the heroine (Padmini) at last appreciated her for the bold decision she has taken with a sacrificial mind to serve the orphans leaving the hero (Sivaji) to lead a joyful matrimonial life with K. R. Vijaya. It was an occurrence during an anti-climax scene.

He acted with great heroes like Sivaji Ganeshan, M. G. Ramachandran and many others and gained glory for his histrionic ability. Whenever we saw him on the screen, at the first sight, we tended to laugh because of his bodily movements. Naturally he had a slim and tall body which was an advantage for his character. Actress Manoramma often has been his lover or a spouse in the films. The audience knows her too as a great comedian.

He effectively used puns which too made us reach a vivid conclusion. Laughter is the best medicine and Nagesh gave it to us in due proportion.

He not only made us laugh but also made us think quite a lot of the real life and how to surpass the problems accordingly.

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