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Drawings by Anup Vega

by Prasad Abu Bakr

Artist Anup Vega

A series of drawings by artist Anup Vega presently showing at Paradise Road Galleries is a collection depicting different moods and postures of one singular girl modestly clad in a `Lama Sari'.

But it is amusing how the artist has managed to capture an ongoing mood of the model and keep a continuous resemblance of her facial features (at whatever point it is visible) right throughout the series.

The drawings done using pencil, charcoal, pen and ink all on paper has only differed at a point when the artist has decided to use some of the work based yet again on a series of colour patches using a shade of bland yellow. At times the artist has opted to draw in white on black paper presenting the entire series, each drawing in one unbroken line of continuity.

Vega a gifted talented artist who has chosen for himself the path of being a spiritualist has somehow managed to extend that discipline into his art, which are mostly drawings. His ability to project light and shade in most of them (taking into account most of his earlier work) is amazing, if one also take notice of the fact that his ability to draw with strong and fluid lines makes him an exceptional fellow amongst the rest of his clan.

As a self-taught artist Vega excels in his medium listing him among the finest few of Sri Lanka's contemporary art scene. The undisturbed pattern making that culminates as a picture extends the simplicity of his thinking steering him away from flamboyance as it will a hermit from the materialistic cravings of the world. As an artist Vega have not gone un-noticed, his work are a part of many prestigious collections both here and others outside our shores.

Taking a deeper look at his present showing here in Colombo, it is evident even though Vega has lined up a series of pictures depicting the different moods and postures of his `little Sinhalese girl in the 'lama sari.

Each picture speaks volumes of the inborn artistry that can belong only to a very few among present artists, so few in today's context of Sri Lankan art that Vega's pictures will remain very special to any viewer that visits this current showing of his work, which ends on October 8.

Line drawing in white against black

The girl in the `Lama sarií


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