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Neurosia, depression common among mental illnesses now - Medical specialist

by Nadira Gunatilleke

About 20 percent of the people suffer from some sort of mental illness and the most common mental diseases are Neurosia and Depression.

Neurosia patients are higher than depression patients, said Dr. Sunil Rathnapriya addressing a press briefing held at Sahanaya. He said that people who get physical illnesses can be cured and they achieve 100 per cent cure and go back to their normal life styles but majority of the people who develop psychological diseases cannot achieve 100 per cent cure and end up achieving an average cure but many of them do not go back to their original normal condition.

Possibilities will be sought to employ mentally ill persons in private sector in order to give them a better life. For this purpose the private institutions should have a good understanding on the circumstances of employing mentally ill persons in their organisations.

A rendezvous similar to a job market will be arranged to achieve this target, Dr. Rathnapriya said.

Dr. Jagath Bandara said that many pregnant women (about 70 per cent of them) get temporary mental disorders as soon as they give birth to their newborns and become normal within a few days.

But some mothers do not get back to their normal condition even after one week or two and some mothers develop this condition after one week or more. In such instances, the patient and her guardians should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

But some persons think that the mother has purposely become violent, rude or changed and seek the help of occult traditions and other super natural forces. This condition is 100 percent curable.

Sahanaya has organised a seminar on October 12 at 3.00 pm at its auditorium for oncologists, psychiatrists, radiotherapists, nurses, medical students, and most importantly patients and care givers regarding cancer and mental health to mark the World Mental Health Day.

Sahanaya is the Community Mental Health Centre of National Council for Mental Health established in 1983 committed to improve the mental health of the community. Anyone with a mental health problem is welcome. It is not necessary to have a referral from a doctor to come to Sahanaya located at No. 96/20, Kitulwatta Road, Colombo 8.

The contact number is 2685960. email [email protected] website

Director, Sahanaya, Eksith Fernando, Dr. Chamara Wijesinghe and Psychiatrist Ms.Amanda Haris also spoke.


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