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'Sunday Times' lie bared

'The Sunday Times' owned by Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe's uncle has carried a series of lies regarding the stay of the President and her entourage at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, New York, as the Lankan delegation to the 59th session of the UN General Assembly.

It is part of a conspiracy against the President and her Government, we learn. Our special correspondent in New York reports that Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe and his entourage visited the UN last year with an entourage of 40 ,double the number that President Kumaratunga has taken with her.It must be appreciated that the President of a government must stay with other leaders of their governments to make rapport with each other closer and easier.

One of the main scandals of the previous UNF regime was a staffing in the mission of New York of a so-called Political Deputy Representative staying in an apartment of 10,000 US $ per month, who only learnt to drive a car after arriving in New York. However, the real queer story is how he was promoted to Protocol Attache without even his O/Ls.

'The Sunday Times' over the last two weeks, has distorted and concocted this Waldorf Astoria scandal to cover the sins of Ranil Wickremesinghe and his cohorts. In fact the Editor of a newspaper which pretends to lead but which character assassinates people opposed to it, admits in one of his columns that he was staying at the same hotel as the then PM. God only knows who paid his bills! This Editor character assassinates all those opposed to him and his close associates,financial backers included. He knows no norms of decent journalism, but, engages in scurrilous pamphleteering. His life and not so long times are not known to us,but, we have a sense of decorum, and decency.

The international telephone bills of the UNF government's entourage amounted to US $ 26,000. Some of these have the audacity to accuse the current Government of corruption. They should hang their heads in shame. For instance, when the Editor of the 'Daily News' attended a Good Friday Service at the Galkissa Anglican Church in Galle Road, the 'Sunday Leader' lied through its teeth when it said that the 'Daily News' Editor was seen washing the feet of Jesus at Philip Neris' Church. This was a blatant lie.

As for the President, she has had the character to ignore the machinations of the 'Sunday Leader', whose many sins are known to us and if it carries on its campaign of character assassination, it would fall by the graveside. God have mercy on you 'Leader' and may he forgive you all your sins.

A senior leader of the UNP, who met the 'Daily News' Editor said that the majority of the UNP wants the leadership out but is there any leader left was his question.


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